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Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Posted by Haidee Kramer on
Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Creating An Ambiance With Dark Wallpapers!

Dark wallpapers can  the instantly transform the ambiance of any room, adding depth and drama to your space. 

When used strategically, dark wallpapers can create a sense of elegance and sophistication that is both captivating and stylish. To begin, consider the mood you want to evoke in each space. Dark wallpapers are perfect for creating cosy and intimate atmospheres in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms or home offices. 

While light and neutral wallpapers have long dominated the home, there has been a growing trend towards incorporating darker tones into the home. Dark wallpapers, with their rich hues and captivating patterns, offer unique mood-enhancing benefits that can transform any room into a sophisticated sanctuary.  

The deep colours absorb light rather than reflecting it, resulting in a more intimate atmosphere that encourages relaxation and comfort.

 Dark Blue Wallpaper for your Home - Blog

Dark Blue Colour Wallpaper for your Home - Blog

 Shades of dark blue from Eijffinger's Unify, Emerald and Pip Studio 6 collections

Harnessing The Power Of Dark Wallpapers 

Dark wallpapers can be used strategically to highlight certain areas or architectural features within a room. By contrasting against lighter elements or furnishings, they draw attention and add depth to the space.

Consider using them on a single accent wall, such as behind a fireplace or in your dining area. Alternatively go bold and wrap your entire space and why not  try the wallpaper on your ceiling as well? 

Use dark wallpapers as a backdrop for showcasing artwork or decorative pieces. The deep hues provide an ideal canvas for so many colours, allowing your treasured items to become true showstoppers.

  Dark Green Wallpaper for your Home - Blog

Dark Jade Green Wallpaper for your Home - Blog

 Shades of dark green and jade from Eijffinger's Canvas, Emerald and Pip Studio 6 collections

How To Get The Look with Dark Wallpapers 

Opt for rich hues such as deep blues, forest greens, plums, charcoal greys or even velvety blacks to create a luxurious feel. Light-coloured accents can provide contrast against the dark backdrop, enhancing visual interest. 

Next, balance the darkness with appropriate lighting choices. Incorporate warm and soft lighting that will complement the dark wallpaper while creating a welcoming  glow throughout the room. Furthermore, select furniture and decor that will harmonize with the overall theme. 


Dark Forest Green Wallpaper for your Home - Blog

Dark Jungle Green Wallpaper - BlogShades of dark green from Eijffinger's Unify, Terra, Waterfront and Pip Studio 6 collections 


Understanding Colour Psychology 

Colour psychology is a fascinating field that explores the impact of colours on our emotions, behaviour, and overall well-being. When it comes to home decor, understanding colour psychology can help us create spaces that evoke specific moods and atmospheres. Dark wallpapers, with their rich and intense hues, hold a unique power to transform any room into a sanctuary of tranquillity or rich opulence.

Using Dark Wallpaper - Blog

 Dark Plum Wallpaper for your Home - Blog Dark Plum/Burgundy Wallpaper for your Home - Blog

 Shades of dark plum and charcoal from Eijffinger's Unify and Emerald collections


Hopefully we’ve tempted you with some dark exotic wallpapers and given you some tips on creating magic with these deep colours in your home. For more info or inspo, pop into our showroom in Kramerville Johannesburg or drop us an email and we’d be happy to assist you.

 Dark Charcoal or Black Wallpaper for your Home - Blog

 Shades of dark charcoal and black from Eijffinger's Waterfront and Sirpi's Italian Velour collections

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