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Can Wallpaper be used in a Bathroom?

Posted by Haidee Kramer on
Eijffinger Rice 383552 guest toilet wallpaper with leopards and leaves

Yes, but you must use the correct quality!

Here are 5 tips to assist you in choosing the correct wallpaper for your bathroom:



  • Will your chosen bathroom space be a ‘wet’ bathroom with steam and humidity? If so, you’ll need to choose a vinyl wall covering to ensure it stays pristine and damage-free.
  • The size of your room and the type of ventilation in place are also factors to take into account – factors that influence the type of the wallpaper you’ll be choosing.
  • Sinks and basins tend to be splash zones, no matter how tidy you try to be, so it’s a good idea to either leave these areas wallpaper-free, or install tiled splashbacks to be on the safe side.
  • When wallpapering your bathroom, vinyl coverings will always be your best bet. Thanks to their non-absorbent nature, any condensation or wetness will simply run down the non-porous surface and be easily wiped off, rather than soaking in and ruining the integrity of the wallpaper. Blackened, mildew-stained wallpaper is not the look we’re going for here.
  • Finally, ALWAYS check the care instructions of your wallpaper before making your purchase. Three 'wavy lines' mean your wallpaper is extra washable, which is ideal for bathroom use. Also make sure to ask about the best type of glue to use for your bathroom wallpaper, to avoid curling edges down the line. 


Here are some trending bathroom wallpaper ideas:

We’re all about transformation here at Dreamweaver Studios, and nothing transforms a space quicker than a splash of wacky wallpaper. If you’re feeling super brave, you can go all out and transform a lounge or bedroom with something completely out of the ordinary – but if you’re like most of us and want to start somewhere a little smaller, a guest bathroom or powder room is the perfect place to unleash your quirkier side. Plus, a smaller room means less time and money spent on transforming it, so it’s a win all round.

Of course, one person’s wacky is another person’s completely normal, so that immediately begs the question, what does wacky mean to you? Is it bold florals, is it bright colours, is it strong patterns, or is it something wholly unexpected? If you’re not sure, no need to panic – we’ve got some ideas here to get you started and help spark some inspiration. So the next time a visitor comes over and uses your guest bathroom, the only word they’ll be saying, is “WOW!”


Florals and botanicals: In a room that’s all about answering the call of nature, what’s more on point than wallpaper with elements of nature? Florals don’t have to be cutesy, super-feminine prints – instead they can be big, bold and dramatic, as can botanical choices like trees, leaves and plants as well. Go feminine or go masculine – with so many designs to choose from, you’ll have your pick of the bunch.

 Eijffinger Pip 300143 tropical floral with birdsEijffinger Museum 307300 botanical floral with parrots
Eijffinger Pip 300143 & Museum 307300 wallpapers


Dramatic colours: Sure, classic neutrals have their place in a bathroom space, but nothing’s more attention-grabbing than a bright splash of colour, either on a single feature wall, or all the way around. Unusual colours like yellow or emerald green can be a fabulous talking point and add a hint of freshness too – plus colour pairs beautifully with wooden and metal finishes, so it’s sophistication all the way.

Khroma Glasshouse GLA403 architectural print
Khroma Glasshouse GLA404 wallpaper & Kandinsky Composition 24090 mural


Bold patterns: We know it’s ‘only’ a guest bathroom, but why not make it a statement piece at the same time? Choose bold multicolour designs or graphic prints for a room that’s eye-catching in every way, and soften the masculine boldness with more feminine styling. It’s all about contrast, visual interest and the element of surprise.

JV Ikat 6402 artisan tribal patternSirpi Komi 24703 tree wallpaper
JV Ikat 6402 & Sirpi Komi 24703 wallpapers


Animal prints: Birds, leopards, monkeys – animals are the epitome of whimsy when it comes to wallpaper prints, and they can instantly turn a guest bathroom from mundane to magnificent. It’s the same with jungle elements too – large, bold prints that add an element of the exotic to an otherwise functional space, and transform a bathroom visit into an unforgettable design experience.

 Eijffinger Pip 383552 novelty leopard & leafy wallpaperEijffinger Pip 383607 novelty leaf and leopard wallpaper
Eijffinger Pip 383552 wallpaper


Pop art: Do we have a secret Andy Warhol or Jeff Koons fan in the house? Then set your love for pop art free and treat your guests to something surprising, something unpredictable, and something completely out of the box. Because why be boring when you can be brave instead? And nothing says brave like a guest bathroom covered with lips, balloon dogs or soup cans. That’s pop for you!

 Tres Tintas Diversity M3305-6 artwork painterly pop art mural
Tres Tintas Diversity M3305-6 mural
 Tres Tintas Diversity DI3309-1 pop art lips
Tres Tintas Diversity DI3309-1 wallpaper



So what kind of look are we going for? One that makes an impression, one that leaves a mark, and one that says, “You may think you know me, but have you SEEN my guest bathroom?” 

See our '3 Easy Steps' to buying wallpaper and get going!

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