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Fantastic Floral Wallpapers – the trend that’s in bloom

Posted by Haidee Kramer on
Eijffinger museum 307301 botanical floral multicolour wallpaper with cream background


Top 15 florals for 2021

Whether it’s large floral murals in living spaces or small delicate blooms in bathrooms, florals are everywhere right now! And we’re not talking about your grandmother’s florals or retro kitsch designs either – we’re talking blooming botanicals that are bang on trend. No more flowery curtains or doilies, just creativity and fun – exactly what you need to transform your home for spring and summer.

While Wall Murals florals may be seen as old-fashioned by some, in fact these days they’re making a vibrant comeback. And whether they’re inspired by old Dutch masters, 17th century Chinoiserie, or even 20th century Bloomsbury, floral wallpaper designs are a bright, vivid trend that’s here to stay. Pastels, watercolours, or bold, loud graphics, florals are in focus and they’re flourishing. We’ve put together a bouquet of some of our favourite floral looks – use them as inspiration and make your own home blossom with colour and flair.  


  1. Master stroke

    Transform your home with a feature wall brought to you by the Eijffinger Museum Collection – vintage design features inspired by the Dutch masters with a gorgeous teal background and large colourful flowers. It’s dramatic, it’s moody, and it has parrots too – what more could you want?

 Eijffinger Museum 307305 botanical floral and parrots

Museum 307305
  1. The art of living

    Why hang up paintings when you can transform your living area into one giant work of art with the Eijffinger Masterpiece Collection? Based on the works of the Dutch masters, these oversized florals are a talking point all their own, adding colour, vibrancy, and an instant wow factor.


Eijffinger Masterpiece 358013 giant Dutch Masters floral muralVTWonen / In love with your home again SBS6 17 May /27 December 2020 Eijffinger Wall Mural Masterpiece 358113
VTWonen make-over featuring Eijffinger Masterpiece 358113 mural


  1. Flower power

    Looking to brighten up your hallway or entrance? Try the Eijffinger Pip Collection – a joyous assortment of flowers, birds, and butterflies, set against a bright sunshine-yellow background. Inspired by the Chinoiserie style of the 17th century, it’ll lift your mood the minute you walk in the door.


Eijffinger Pip 300104 multicolour Chinoiserie inspired floral wallpaper with a yellow backround
Pip Studio 300104
  1. Get in line

    Florals don’t have to be blooming with colour – in fact, black and white line drawings can be every bit as dramatic. This design from the Eijffinger Museum Collection, featuring giant peonies, will complement a reading nook or living room perfectly – huge graphic illustrations equally suited to contemporary and traditional décor.


Eijffinger Museum 307404 giant illustration floral mural
Museum 307404


  1. Mother nature

    Spruce up a small space with this delicate design from the Eijffinger Waterfront Collection – meadow flowers and seed heads on a soft sage green background, ideal for a casual livingroom or guest bedroom.


Eijffinger Waterfront 300811 sage green meadow of flowers and seed heads
Waterfront 300811


  1. Arts and Crafts

    Transform your bedroom into a haven of creativity with this artisanal design from the Eijffinger Terra Collection. Inspired by ancient indigo-dyed fabrics and intricate ikat weaves, this gorgeous floral with bursting pomegranates, is all about casual, effortless chic and fabulous textures.


Eijffinger Terra 391503 blue ikat floral on screen wallpaper
Terra 391503


  1. Fun and games

    Another brightly coloured design that’s perfect for a teens bedroom or family playroom, this oversized poppy mural brings the fun and then some! Part of the Eijffinger Rice Collection, this vintage mural will welcome you home with fresh shades of turquoise and aqua, and smiles all round.


Eijffinger Rice 383610 turquoise large poppy mural
Rice 383610


  1. Centre of attention

    How’s this for a show-stopper – a supersized heritage rose design from the Eijffinger Rice Collection that’s big enough to make a huge floral statement. Contrasted against a lively polka dot background, it’s the bedroom wallpaper design that’ll having you waking up to fabulousness every day.


Eijffinger ice 359158 oversized heritage rose with spotty background mural
Rice 359158


  1. In the bud

    There are granny florals and then there’s this quirky print from the Eijffinger Rice Collection – a field of flowers set against a rich plum background, perfect for adding energy and colour to a lacklustre living space. Pretty small-scale florals are all the rage this season.


Eijffinger Rice 383503 plum pretty floral wallpaperEijffinger Rice 383503 plum pretty floral wallpaper
Rice 383503


  1. Moody blues

    Dark moody florals can make a dramatic and contemporary statement, especially when paired with beautiful cleaned-lined furniture pieces. Try this JV Botanical Collection design on a wall in your bedroom or living area – a multi-coloured floral abundance set against a dark indigo background, for every kind of mood.


JV Botanical 5830 multicolour watercolour floral with navy blue backgroundJV Botanical 5830 multicolour watercolour floral with a navy blue background
Botanical 5830


  1. Girl power

    This pretty, feminine print from the JV Atelier Collection is perfect for a girl’s bedroom – soft watercolour florals, gorgeous pastel colours, and an ethereal, dreamlike feel.


JV Atelier 5342 painterly pastel floral wallpaper
JV Atelier 5342 painterly pastel floral wallpaper
Atelier 5342


  1. Jungle fever

    Bring the outside in with colour and drama, and make the jungle come alive in your living space! This oversized botanical print from the Tres Tintas Rubrica Collection makes a bold statement with giant flowers and leaves, giving you a daring mural you’ll never be bored with.


Tres Tintas Rubrica M3405-2 giant floral and leaf jungle mural
Rubrica 3405-2


  1. Fade to black

    This striking floral design from the Belgian Khroma Glasshouse Collection is voluptuous and outgoing yet sophisticated too – large billowy peonies layered on a dramatic charcoal leafy background, with splashes of pink and plum accents. Use it to create a striking office or study space, and embrace its intensity and power.


Khroma Glasshouse GLA701 large black & plum contemporary floral wallpaper
 Glasshouse GLA701


  1. Designer chic

    Create an unforgettable moment with this incredible 3D embossed pattern from the much-loved fashion brand, Missoni. Keep it to yourself in your bedroom or share it with the world in your lounge area or dining room. It’s not just wallpaper – it’s haute couture!


Missoni Home 3 - 10230 embroidered effect vinyl lily floral wallpaper
Missoni Home Wallcoverings 3 - 10230


  1. Big love

    A bold, memorable design from Finland’s Marimekko Collection, famed for its brightly coloured Scandi prints, this original 60's design is every kind of statement. Add some sass to a small space or go big with wall-to-wall floral fabulousness. Wherever you decide to feature this print, it’s one that deserves to be seen and enjoyed.
Marimekko Unikko 23354 60's retro fun red & magenta floral
Marimekko Unikko 23354


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