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7 Reasons Why Luxury Wallpaper Wins

Eijffinger Museum luxury bead & sequin mural

Where do you stand on the ‘budget vs luxury’ debate?

Do you buy those stunning branded sneakers from the boutique or the off-the-shelf mass-produced sneakers from the chain store? Which ones will last longer? Which ones will make you feel like a superstar?

While it’s always important to bear your budget in mind, here are 7 reasons for choosing luxury over low-cost wallpaper:

1) Durability

Top quality wallpaper can last for up to 15 years or more, even in high traffic areas. By contrast, cheaper wallpapers are significantly thinner, making them liable to tear or damage far more easily. 

2) Selection

Wonder why that hardware store's wallpaper is so cheap? That's because store buyers have to go with designs which will appeal to the masses, so if you’re looking for something more special, we offer a vast selection of wallcoverings from top European Designer brands.

 3) Exclusivity

Just as there’s a difference between wearing Designer brands and wearing chain store fashion, there’s a difference between budget and luxury wallpaper as well. We offer you a curated selection of top brands, and each order from Europe, is flown in exclusively for you

4) Style

Just as fashion changes from year to year, so do wallpaper styles and  trends. Luxury wallpapers are designed by skilled artists and manufactured by skilled companies who specialize in wallcoverings, as opposed to budget designs taken from stock photography websites that can often result in pixelated prints on cheap substrates with a plastic look and feel. 

5) Textures & techniques

Run your fingers across a budget wallpaper, and you won’t feel anything other than a flat surface or a rough plasticky one. Do the same with luxury wallpaper, and you’ll discover a world of enchanting textures and techniques from beading and velvet flocking to embossing, embroidery, glitter, holographs, grass cloth, metallics, 3D relief, jewel-covered foils and pearl finishes. 

6) Value

Don’t be fooled by wallpaper prices. Most standard wallpaper is 52cm wide (5.2m² per roll), whilst new larger 70cm (7m² per roll) and 1m widths (10m² per roll) now allow for the grand, large-scale patterns found on luxury wallpaper, to be realized. So they may seem more expensive, but the coverage is greater, meaning fewer rolls are needed

7) Quality & service

If you’re paying for a luxury item, then you deserve exceptional quality and service. In the unlikely event of there being any genuine fault with your wallpaper, we’ll take care of it immediately. Over and above this, our years of experience in the wallpaper and décor industry make us uniquely qualified to offer you exactly the kind of guidance you’re looking for.