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7 Top Wallpaper Trends for 2022

7 Top Wallpaper Trends for 2022


What's hot for 2022!


We've looked at what's new and happening in the world of wallpaper and have put together our take on the top 7 wallpaper trends for 2022.

While jungle, floral, botanical and animal themes are as popular as ever, 2022 still has plenty of originality and creativity in store for us when it comes to wallpaper designs.Take a look at the trends that are taking 2022 by storm.

Here are 7 exciting trends to help you navigate the sea of product out there:


  1. Scenic landscapes

Harness the power of nature and fill your home with trees, flowers, rolling hills or exotic faraway lands. This year scenic landscape are all the rage so the feature wall with a large mural is very much in demand.

These large-scale wall treatments allow you to decorate your home with character and personality, assisted by their grand scale and proportions. Whether you choose a single feature wall for your mural, or extend it across all the walls in your space, the effect is one of breathtaking impact. Have a look at the gorgeous murals in the new Eijffinger Oasis collection or the Pip Studios Jardin mural featuring an exotic Oriental landscape.

Scenic Landscape trend - murals
  1. Vintage tropical

We know tropical is not a new trend, but this year it’s an elevated one, with an added element of sophistication and a vintage touch too. If you want to take a walk on the wild side and give your home a bold, untamed feel, it doesn’t have to be loud and brash. There’s nothing like the unrestrained joy of jungle motifs, tropical patterns and oversized leaves to add a touch of the exotic to your living space.

The leading wallpaper brand Eijffinger, recently launched a delightful new collection called Oasis which perfectly fits this vintage tropical trend. The collection is all about light and shadow filtering through palm leaves, silhouetted fronds, fan-shaped Ginkgo leaves, a charming 'Toile de Jouy' pattern with leopards and tigers and a flock of cranes which will happily fly across your wall.  

Vintage Tropical wallpaper trend


  1. Sculptural neutrals

Inspired by sculpture, carved clay relief patterns, artisanal ceramics, the gentle textures and curves of Zen raked gardens, all celebrating the craftsmanship and authenticity of artist’s and artisan’s work. A neutral earthy colour palette allows the textures and patterns to subtly ‘shine’, while creating a soothing sanctuary of an indoor space. Dominated by natural tones, this look can be successfully accented with rich burnt reds and terracottas, sienna tones, khaki and they will also look great with charcoals if you do want to add more drama to a space.

Grass cloth wallcoverings were big in the 1970's and with a revival of interest in that era, these incredibly tactile and delightfully hand-woven wallcoverings, are back with a vengeance. They add a wonderful layer of texture and dimension to a room and are a celebration of hand-crafted artistry. Graphic patterns are an important aspect to this look but always with a soft touch, with rounded edges and subtle colouration. Look at the new Eijffinger Artisan collection for inspiration or some of the faux-grass cloth wallpapers from Jannelli & Volpi and Sirpi if you would rather have a washable wallpaper option.

Sculptural Neutrals Wallpaper Trends 2022


  1. Eco-Style

Sustainability is always important, and with every year that goes by, we’re becoming more invested in reducing our carbon footprint and creating environmentally friendly solutions for everyday living.

That’s not so easy with wallpaper, especially if you were looking for a quality that would be tough enough for use in your home or your corporate office or a public space. But thanks to the innovative and forward-thinking approach of the Italian wallpaper company Jannelli & Volpi, they have created a ground-breaking quality which uses only natural and bio-degradable materials, which at the end of their lifecycle, can be returned to nature.

The new J&V Tierra collection seen below is durable, washable, eco-friendly and gorgeous too. Created from 100% regenerated corn and cellulose, Tierra is completely sustainable and recyclable, and its commitment to nature is reflected in its designs as well. Choose from lush botanicals in greens and earth tones, to charming cactus motifs, to graphic prints, grassy textures and some novelty animal prints too.

Eco-Style Wallpaper Trends 2022


  1. Wallpaper 3 ways

Wallpaper is making such a comeback now that we are always looking for new and exciting ways to use it in our homes. Wall panelling is ever so popular at the moment so why not combine the two elements and see what a visual impact wallpaper inserts can create.

A more imaginative way of using wallpaper is very much on trend at the moment so rather than the usual full wall of wallpaper, why not use wallpaper below a picture rail, or above a dado rail as seen in rooms showcasing the charming Pip Studios collection by Eijffinger? Why not use wallpaper on the ceiling and create a unique and dramatic effect? Thanks to the framing aspect that panelling naturally provides, you’ll be able to turn your chosen wallpaper design into a floor-to-ceiling work of art!

Wallpaper 3 Ways Trends 2022


  1. Maximalism

You’ve heard of minimalism – clean lines, neutral tones, and an uncluttered living space. Well, as the name suggests, maximalism is the complete opposite, and it’s making a name for itself in 2022 in a big way. Forget the quiet calm of minimalism – maximalism is all about bold colours, patterns and prints with lively graphics and impactful designs.

If you’ve always wanted to explore your love of animal print, for example, maximalism is the way to go about it – and it’s the same for other motifs such as botanicals, bold graphic patterns, novelty animals prints and more. At the same time, maximalism isn’t about ‘more’ just for the sake of it – it’s about adding personality and character in way that’s eye-catching and audacious, yet tasteful at the same time.

It's not an easy look to pull together and needs to be carefully curated to look really good. Perhaps enlist the help of a decorator or interior designer to make your Maximalism dream interior come true, or try our online or on-site Consultancy Packages. Be sure to share your passions, favourite styles, colours and dreams with the design professional so that they can capture your spirit and personality and infuse that character into the space.

Maximalism Wallpaper Trends 2022


  1. Archival prints

It’s a trend that’s not just happening in wallpaper design – we’re seeing it in fashion and accessories too. It’s the trend of archival prints – looking back to the past in order to reinvent the future, and there’s a significant amount of nostalgia that goes along with it.

It’s for this reason that we’re seeing granny florals, damask and tapestry make a reappearance, with the familiar prints of old providing a level of comfort and certainty in these changing times. This look back at vintage and traditional designs is being seen in fashion as well, with designer labels like Gucci, Prada and Ralph Lauren reinventing some of their most famous looks from the past, and highlighting their heritage and history. 

Celebrating the past with an archival print means reimagining it in a modern context and combining the old with the new. Watch this space as we add a selection of new on-trend archival prints to our offering in the new few weeks. Below is a taste of what's to come. 

Archival Prints Wallpaper Trends 2022


Want to start exploring these trends in your own living space? Then let us bring them to life in your home. From advice on choosing wallpaper via our online Consultancy Packages to easy shopping our wide selection of luxury wallpapers, we’ll be able to help you create a home that’s on trend and in style.


Watch out for future trend reports.....