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Top Trends for Spring/Summer 2021

Dreamweaver Studios Summer 2021 Trends


Whether we like it or not, there’s no escaping trends as all industries including the décor world, are influenced by wider trends or movements. So, whether you are in the wallpaper business, paint, automotive or any fashion or design discipline, businesses have to follow the mood and will of the market. So, lifestyle and social trends, global events (like a pandemic), international exhibitions or sporting events influence and lead to the emergence of industry specific trends and that's where the fun starts.

How do these trends help you to make décor decisions?

We live with so much ‘clutter’ in our daily lives, it’s wonderful to be able to tap into already curated and edited décor trends, by global design and thought leaders. It gives one some comfort as the process of decorating your home can be quite daunting, and trends make it a bit easier to create a cohesive look and feel in your home.

Here are 5 exciting Spring/Summer 2021 trends to help you navigate the sea of product out there:

  • Fabulous Florals
  • Jungle Tropics
  • Abstract Graphics
  • The Artisan Way 
  • Japandi

Fabulous Florals

Whether inspired by the dramatic Dutch master paintings, modern artists painterly florals, the fabulous Chinoiserie of the 17th Century or the Bloomsbury Style of the early 20th Century, floral wallpapers are all the rage.

From large outsized florals on murals to small pretty prints reminiscent of a bygone era, we can’t get enough of floral wallpapers at the moment. Use the bold large florals on a feature wall or wrap the room in a smaller scale floral to achieve a total look. Wallpaper isn’t permanent, so with the easy to install and easily stripable options today, one can change it up in a few years if you’re getting bored. 

Click here for the full trend story 'Fabulous Florals'.

Fabulous Florals Eijffinger Museum Pip Studio wallpaper

Jungle Tropics

Following on from the biophilia trend (definition: an affinity of humans to the natural world) which has been stirred up by the global consciousness of Climate Change, we seem to yearn for more contact with nature whether it be in the form of verdant wallpapered walls covered in leaves and jungle scenes or in fact, the return of potted plants in the home.

There are so many options, from soft tropical prints, to punchy stylized leaves to classic elegant palms. From sophisticated tone-on-tone prints, to fresh crisp greens and then rich mossy jungle tones, there’s something for every taste and space. If you have plain bed-linen, curtains or blinds (like so many of us do), freshen up a bedroom with a wallpaper behind the bed and some great complementary scatter cushions on the bed. You can literally revamp a bedroom in an afternoon.

Jungle your Home Eijffinger Vivid Oxygen wallpaper

Abstract Graphics

This look is inspired by the Expressionists, an art movement whose artists were trying to express emotion and not a physical reality, which had been so much part of the tradition of art. Painterly markings and often bold colour combinations characterized their work. Try out vibrant deep blues, vivid greens, hot burnt reds, mustards and classic black and white, to achieve the look.

This genre translates magically onto wallpapers or murals, with large-scale graphic patterns and bold brushwork printed on embossed canvas-textured substrates. If you haven’t yet collected any good art for your walls, these wallpapers and murals can fill the gap and give you a wonderfully finished look. For those who want a little less drama, there are loads of more demure geometric and graphic patterns which have spun out of this trend.

Abstract Graphics Eijffinger Bold Kandinsky Composition murals

The Artisan Way

A deep appreciation for craft and traditional design fuels this trend where patterns such as Ikats, artisan weaves, tribal geometrics and texture, texture and more texture abounds. It’s a celebration of great craftsmanship, of rich culture and heritage, of imperfection and of natural fibres and materials. 

It speaks of home comforts, of rich earthy tones and luxurious textures, the patina of age. Team up an exotic wallpaper with rattan and wicker furniture, natural wood and textural fabrics for a rich layered look. Or if you want something more discreet, why not try a hand-woven natural grass wallcovering to create a rich textured, layered look.The colour palette is full of dusky pinks and terracotta’s, olivey greens, cool grey greens and mustards, all working wonderfully with warm neutrals such as oatmeal and buff.    


The Artisan Way Eijffinger Terra grass cloth wallpaper


Scandinavian and Japanese design aesthetics combine to celebrate the Scandi concept of ‘Hygge’, (the Danish expression of cosiness and homeliness associated with contentment) and Japanese ‘Wabi-sabi’ (the notion of finding beauty in imperfection).

Here we see simple design, refined craftsmanship and a love of natural materials at the heart of this design philosophy. This paired back look is best achieved with more subtle or textural wallpapers, and a harmonious colour palette. Choose a textured or embossed wallpaper which has a very tactile quality to create a subtle and refined look in your space. Mix this with natural fibres like chunky cotton or mohair throws and scatter cushions, earthenware artisanal ceramics, a textural rug and a  shearling (faux lambs’ wool) ottoman or scatter cushion and this look will come to life.

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Japandi Eijffinger Waterfront Resource wallpaper

That's a quick overview of what's hot this season and hopefully will inspire you to transform your home with wallpaper. Don't forget, it's not permanent and it's the quickest way to update your space in an afternoon.

Watch out for future trend reports.....

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