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Italian Velour Cupola wallpaper

R 3,940.00

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Be swept away to a romantic getaway! An Italian roofscape is interpreted is an almost impressionistic way with the delicately rendered rooftops and cupolas. This luxurious flocked vinyl wallpaper has a characteristically velvety look and feel, and the 3 rich colour options offer a novelty pattern fit for a king. Imagine this wallpaper in a dining room, a study or a master bedroom.

Exclusively sold by Dreamweaver Studios

Roll dimensions: width 0.70m x length 10m

Pattern repeat: 64cm offset match

Purchasing & Delivery Info

Important information to consider:

  • 10-15 day lead-time for all orders as stock is held in Europe
  • Orders are subject to stock availability in Europe as product is not stocked in South Africa
  • All deliveries within South Africa are free of charge
  • We only ship to South African addresses at present
  • All prices include VAT
  • The colour of online images may vary from the actual product depending on your computer/mobile devices
  • Order up to 3 no charge samples before purchasing, to ensure you are happy with the colour of the wallpaper
  • Use our handy Wallpaper Calculator as a guideline to work out the quantity of wallpaper you need
  • We do not take responsibility for overages or shortages based on these calculations and we recommend you confirm with an installer
  • All orders are “special order items” and are placed on our suppliers abroad upon receipt of payment 
  • Unfortunately, we do not accept any returns due to the “special order” nature of the product. See our Returns Policy


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Leafy Trees Mural Wallpaper

How to Shop - 3 Easy Steps

1) Browse thousands of designer Wallpapers of different widths, usages & qualities, which are sold by the roll. Use our easy filter to search by brand, colour, theme/style or type.

    • Don't forget to look at the width and length of the wallpaper roll when you are considering the price per roll, as one needs only half the number of rolls if the width is double.
    • If you are unsure of the colour of the wallpaper on you monitor/mobile, request a sample on the specific product page, to check that it works for you.
    • We also offer loads of Murals which are large-scale designs which are digitally printed and are sold and priced by the full size panel/mural. Some can even be customized to fit your wall size and we would then do a custom quote for you.
    • Our Circle Stickers are self-adhesive and come in 3 sizes They are really easy to install.
    • Look at the room images showing the wallpaper in situ on each product page even if they are showing a different colour to the one you like. This will help you to understand the scale of the design and the effect you will get, once installed.


2) Work out quantities required based on the wallpaper width & your walls dimensions.

    • Use our easy wallpaper calculator on each product page and simply measure you wall width and height and input these sizes for an instant calculation. If you're having any trouble with this step, contact us on and we will gladly assist with the calculations.


3) Order your wallpaper by inputting the number of rolls required and hit the 'add to cart' button.

    • Check the order summary which pops up and make sure that the image, name, code, colour and quantity is correct before proceeding to check-out. 
    • Once that's done, sit back and await a stock & order confirmation from ourselves within 1 working day and we will confirm availability and timing on your order.
    • Each wallpaper purchased is then imported exclusively for you & is not held in stock in South Africa. If it is in stock in Europe, we offer a 10-15 business day turn-around.
    • Due to the fact that every order is a "special order item", cancellation of orders is only possible before the order has been shipped from our suppliers abroad. Please see our Cancellation & Returns Policy for more info.
    • If you're not going DIY and need to find an installer, we have a list of installers we can share with you. 
    • If however, you feel you need assistance with making the right decor decisions, we can gladly refer you to decorators/designers in your area. 
    • Contact for assistance regarding referrals.


Have a look at our comprehensive FAQ's page or contact us here to get the information you need.




Installation & Care

Wallpaper 101

The last decade has seen the introduction of ‘paste-the-wall’ wallcoverings and they are thankfully quicker and easier to hang and the process is not as messy as the old method of pasting the wallpaper.

So if you are good with DIY, you could do it yourself but if not, a professional installer is a good idea. They know all the tips and tricks of the trade and we would definitely recommend a professional installer if you are purchasing a speciality wallpaper. Contact us on if you need a list of installers in your area.


Wall Coverings

Here are some important tips for hanging non-woven wallcoverings which is also sometimes referred to as 'paste-the-wall' or 'easy-up' wallpaper.

If your selected wallpaper is not 'non-woven' then you will have to approach the installation differently and will need to apply paste to the wallpaper. This method is more difficult and a professional installer is recommended unless you have experience. 

Wall preparation

Wall must be dry, smooth, clean and free of dust. They must be of a uniform light colour so that there are no marks or colour variations which could show through the wallpaper. Any holes or cracks must be filled and sanded smooth and surfaces need to be primed and allowed to dry if not already primed.

Dark coloured papers may need their edges coloured with a chalk or pastel of a similar tone to avoid white edges showing.Matching stripes painted on the wall at the joins will also help.

Open and inspect the wallpaper rolls

Check if you have received the correct wallpaper with the correct code, quantity and all rolls should be from the same batch The batch number is printed on each roll. If anything is not correct, please contact us immediately and do not hang the wallpaper.

Now open the rolls and check for any flaws and again contact us immediately and do not hang if there are any queries. No claim can be accepted on wallpapers that have been cut and hung if they show defects which were apparent at the time of hanging.

Measure your wall length, consider the pattern repeat and once sure of how the pattern will lay out, cut your lengths accordingly. Add on extra at the top and bottom to make trimming easier.

Ensure that there are enough rolls to complete the job as it may be difficult to get the same batch with exact matching colours at a later date.

Select the paste or glue

Follow the instructions and purchase the appropriate paste or similar quality paste as advised on the instructions received with each roll. A premixed paste not a powder paste, is recommended.

If installing heavy paper like a vinyl or speciality wallpapers like grass, cork, flock, you should use a clear, non-staining heavyweight premixed paste as opposed to a clear, light-medium weight paste.

Apply the paste to the wall for non-woven wallcoverings

This should be done with a roller before each drop of wallpaper is hung. Paste an area slightly wider than the width of the roll so that you don't roll paste onto the already installed drops to the left. Use a paint brush to apply paste at the top of the wall, around sockets, or just above the skirting. This will ensure even coverage in difficult areas and avoid the wallpaper lifting when dry. No table is necessary with this ‘paste-the-wall’ technique and no soaking of the wallpaper is required.

Apply non-woven wallpaper directly to the pre-pasted wall being sure that the first drop is hung plumb. Use a wallpaper tool or brush to smooth down the wallpaper, from the centre to the edges of the roll. Immediately wipe away any paste that squeezes out and do not leave any on the surface of the wallpaper. Also be sure to wipe the ceiling and skirting to remove any paste and protect the face of the wallpaper when cleaning.

To hang the second drop, look to see where the pattern matches at the joins and position carefully. After three drops have been hung, examine the installed panels for uniformity in colour before proceeding with the entire job. Continue from left to right hanging each drop. Seams should be butt fitted and the wallpaper should be free of air and paste bubbles.

Trim the excess wallpaper off at the top and bottom of each drop with a wallpaper ruler and a sharp cutter with snap-off blades.

Allow to dry

This may take a few day depending on the wallpaper and the atmospheric conditions in the room. Do not try to speed up the drying time so do not turn on an air conditioner or fan.

Eventual removal

Years later the non-woven wallpaper will be simple to remove if the correct paste has been used. Simply pull off the wallpaper by hand in sheets. The wall stays dry and undamaged, making it easy to re-apply a new non-woven wallpaper.


Follow the care symbols on the instructions received with every roll. If the wallpaper has a 3-wave wash symbol, it can be easily washed so dirt, dust and other non-staining marks can be simply washed off using a mild detergent and a damp cloth. If the wallpaper has a 2-wave wash symbol then it can be gently wiped with a clean damp cloth making sure you do not get the wallpaper too wet. Please use caution when cleaning as Dreamweaver Studios cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage during cleaning.

Contant us 

If you need any further info or advice, please contact us on