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5 Top Tips for Choosing the Best Home Wallpaper

Posted by Haidee Kramer on
Eijffinger Museum selection of floral, striped & textured wallpaper


Want to transform your living space with some wallpaper awesomeness but don’t know where to start? Not sure of the difference between classic and contemporary? Confused about patterned and plain? Well, that’s where we come in – with a little information, a little illumination, and a whole lot of inspiration. Take a look at our five top tips for choosing the right wallpaper for walls, and get ready for a home makeover like no other!


  1. Find your style

    And by that we mean the style of the room you’re looking to decorate, and the type of ambience you’re looking to create. Are you more of a traditionalist or a romantic? Do you want to create an eclectic type of vibe or pare things back for a relaxed Scandi feel? Have you any idea what any of these words even mean? We’ve broken down some of the most popular current style trends – have a look and see if any of these resonate with the type of transformation you’re looking for:


  • Casual: Forget prim and proper – here you’re going for relaxed and laid-back, with a light, airy feel, natural textures, and oh-so-effortless charm. Throw in a fun piece like a large print or a fresh leafy wallpaper for some visual interest, and you’ll have instant casual in the house.
  • Contemporary: Clean lines and neutral colours add to the fluidity of this style choice. Go for streamlined shapes and uncluttered styling, and add a smart texture or bolder geometric print for a visual surprise.
  • Traditional: If you’re all about the classics then you’re all about traditional styling – European influences, antique accessories, gorgeously rich colours and timeless furniture pieces. Add a jewel-toned accent wall and you’re all set.
  • Romantic: No stark lines or minimalism here – instead romantic styling calls for softness and light, with delicate prints, blush or pastel tones, and flowing fabrics like silk or a linen sheer, especially dreamy when draped over a four poster bed.
  • Glam: There’s nothing subtle about this styling, but there’s plenty of sparkle! Go for glittering metallics, rich fabrics and luxury all the way. Glam styling is all about making a statement and that’s exactly what bold, dazzling pieces will help you do.
  • Eclectic: Just the right side of quirky, eclectic décor is about blending fabrics, colours and pieces together to create a carefully curated look. All the elements are completely diverse, yet somehow together they just work.  
  • Scandi: That’s Scandinavian to you, and as you’d imagine, it’s wonderfully simple, streamlined and uncluttered. No cold, bleak interiors though – Scandi is all warm and welcoming, with neutral or soft colours and natural rustic finishes. Can you say hygge?

 Eijffinger Rice pink romantic & eclectic interior

Eclectic & romantic style

 Eijffinger Bold 395896 graphic charcoal contemporary mural

Contemporary style

 Eijffinger Museum 307411 glam modern mural

Glam modern style

 Eijffinger Masterpiece 358000 black & multicolour floral wallpaper

Traditional or vintage style

 Eijffinger Waterfront 300803 Scandi casual style green wallpaper

Scandi & casual style


  1. Find the right wallpaper option

    Wait, there’s more than one type of wallpaper? That’s an absolute yes – which means more choice, more variety, and more options for you:
  •  Mural: Wallpaper featuring one large graphic or design element, rather than a continuous, repeated pattern. Murals are usually used on a single feature or accent wall, rather than wrapping the room.
  • Sticker: Whereas traditional wallpaper needs to be applied with paste, a sticker is self-adhesive and can be stuck directly to the wall, with no paste needed.
  • Non-woven: Sometimes call 'paste the wall' or 'easy up' wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper is made from a mixture of both synthetic and natural fibres combined with binders to make a durable, easy to hang and easily removal option.
  • Vinyl: With a base layer and a vinyl layer on top, vinyl wallpaper can have textures or patterns embossed onto the surface giving them a wonderful tactile quality. They are also highly durable, washable and not absorbent so are ideal in areas of high traffic, or in areas of humidity and moisture, especially bathrooms.
  • Pattern: Large bold prints, small delicate designs – there’s a huge variety of patterns to choose from, and it’s completely up to your personal style and taste.
  • Plain: If you prefer something with less pattern, the impact of a single colour can be exciting or calming depending on your colour choice. There’s plenty of drama to be found in a plain or semi-plain wallpaper where you can also explore different textures. Just fit the colour and character to the mood of your room, and you’ll be ready to go.
  • Textured: This type of wallpaper doesn’t just look good – it feels good too. Choose from wallpapers textured with special inks, flock or beads, or choose an embossed vinyl with a 3D effect and add instant visual and textural appeal. See how the light plays off the surface and creates magical effects.
  • Smooth: It may not be textured but it’s every bit as striking, with crisp polished looks, glossy metallics, or by contrast, wonderfully matt effects all in a spectacular range of colours and patterns.


Eijffinger Reunited 372580 textured vinyl plaster effect wallpaperEijffinger Topaz 394532 textured vinyl wallpaper with metallic graphic print
Eijffinger Reunited 372580 & Topaz 394532 matt & metallic textured vinyl wallpapers


Eijffinger Siroc 376064 graphic textured matt non-woven wallpaperEijffinger Mini Me 399032 glow-in-the-dark navy blue smooth non-woven wallpaper
Eijffinger Siroc 376064 & Mini Me 399032 textured or smooth non-woven wallpaper


JV Genesi 5702 & 5751 glam metallic wallpaperJV Genesi 5712 glam wallpaper with metallics & crushed effects
Jannelli & Volpe Genesi elegant metallic novelty wallpapers


 Eijffinger Lounge 388753 beaded luxury wallpaperEijffinger Skin 300564 blue flock velvet wallpaper
Eijffinger Lounge 388753 beaded wallpaper & Skin 300564 flock wallpaper


    1. Choose a pattern and a colour

      Or choose a plain wallpaper and a colour, it’s up to you. The point is that this is when it’s best to start thinking about your wallpaper in more detail – once you’re sure of your style, and the type of paper you’d like to go for.

      What’s most important when it comes to choosing patterns and colours? Considering how they add to the feel of a room. Do you want a room that’s light and airy, or dark and dramatic? Do you want a pattern that’s big and bold or small and subtle? Decisions, decisions!

      If you’re overthinking colours and contrasts, forget about traditional design rules that decree you can only match small patterns with small rooms. Sometimes a small pattern can make a big room feel even more spacious, while a big pattern in a small room can create instant drama. Consider carefully what's already in the room in terms of colour, design, style and scale as these elements will all need work in harmony to create a cohesive space .Whatever you decide though, don’t be afraid to let your inner designer out. Be creative, be original, and most of all, be unforgettable! If the prospect is just too daunting, why not try one of our Consultancy Packages and get some help.  


      Eijffinger Rice 383593 - dare to be different!


      1. Decide how you’ll use your wallpaper

        Will you be using wallpaper on all four walls in a room? Will you be creating drama with a single accent wall? Will you be wallpapering the ceiling alone too added impact? Or will you be using two different types of wallpaper in the same room? So many options, so many design possibilities, one gorgeously flexible solution – wallpaper!

        Of course while the possibilities are endless, we understand that your budget isn’t. So when making these decisions, it’s always best to keep your budget in mind at the same time. That way when you’re deciding whether to paper only half a wall either above or below the moulding, or whether wall-to-wall or feature wall is best, you’ll be able to afford your dream décor and the styling to match.


        Eijffinger Rice 383544 wallpaper in hallway with dado rail & wallpapered ceiling

        Eijffinger Rice 383544 below dado rail


        1. Determine how much wallpaper you’ll need

          This is a rookie mistake that many first-time decorators make – either over or underestimating the amount of wallpaper needed, and then paying the price. That’s why at Dreamweaver we’ve made things as simple as possible for you with our handy wallpaper calculator! Simply select a wallpaper, input your wall sizes and we’ll help you calculate on how much wallpaper you’ll need for your chosen room. Once you have a better idea of the quantity you’ll need, you’ll be able to build the price into your budget. An easy-to-use website, easy-to-hang wallpaper, and easy-to-love living space – that’s the beauty of wallpaper right there!

Remember, no matter what type or texture of wallpaper you’re looking for, you’ll find the world’s most exclusive wallpapers right here at Dreamweaver, along with simple, convenient online shopping too. It’s transformation made easy, and it’s décor made delightful, only at Dreamweaver Studios.


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