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Transform your home into a sanctuary

Posted by Haidee Kramer on
Eijffinger Resource 369045 calm textured stripe wallpaper

Social isolation, sheltering in place, lockdown – whatever you want to call it, the fact is that we’re spending far more time at home these days than we ever did before (thanks a lot, Covid!). And while we may have begun our isolation enjoying the novelty of it all, for many of us our homes have turned from safe havens into something a little more claustrophobic. Socially isolating at home is all well and good (and necessary too), but where do you go when life becomes too much for you to cope with? Usually you would go home… but you’re already there! So now what?

Well, with a little ingenuity there’s a way to give your living space some breathing space. And that’s by taking a room in your home and transforming it into a stress-free haven. All you need is some time, some creativity, and your home could soon go from social isolation to sanctuary.

Eijffinger Waterfront 300802 peach textured leafy wallpaper

An inviting spot for a good read & a cuppa - featuring Eijffinger Waterfront 300802 wallpaper
  • Here’s how:

    1. Decide what you’re looking to do. What needs will your home sanctuary be fulfilling? Do you need a quiet place to read, do yoga, or meditate? Do you need a space with natural light for painting or other artistic pursuits? Do you need enough room to exercise and work out your stress? Or do you simply want a small corner to read and relax with no interruptions? Once you’re clear on your intention for your sanctuary, you can then start to create it.


    Eijffinger Rice 383563 soft grey floral wallpaperEijffinger Rice 383590 silver glitter spot wallpaper
    Eijffinger Rice 383563 wallpaper / Eijffinger Rice 383590 wallpaper  
     Pretty stairwell nook - Even the family pet loves this space!
    1. Find your ideal spot. Your sanctuary could be an actual room, a space under the stairs, a beloved old chair on the porch, a swing in the garden – anywhere that suits the intention you have for your haven. If you need space and light, finding an actual room is likely the ideal solution. If you’re looking to curl up with a book and a blanket, that old chair is calling your name. It’s completely up to you as to where you position your sanctuary, and the best part is that you don’t need to be limited by space.


    Eijffinger Stature 382603 cream panelled wallpaperEijffinger Sundari 375203 rich brown classic wallpaper
    Eijffinger Stature 382603 wallpaper / Eijffinger Sundari 375203 wallpaper    
     Do you prefer light & airy or warm & cosy?
    1. Get your transformation on. Here’s where you unleash your inner creative genius, and start turning your chosen spot into your sanctuary. First you’ll need to declutter the space – not only will this make your sanctuary feel lighter and brighter, it’ll give your mind some much-needed peace and calm as well. Even better, an open, clutter-free space allows for a free flow of energy, giving you the room you need for your yoga poses or your exercises, while providing some much-needed positivity as well. Once you’ve cleared all the unwanted bits and pieces away, you can start introducing selected styling items that add value to the space – a cushion to sit on, a blanket for warmth, wallpaper to invoke a certain mood… it’s your sanctuary, so make sure it’s one that’s inviting, soothing, and serenely minimal.


    Eijffinger Terra & Lounge wallpaper
    Eijffinger Terra 391564 mural / Eijffinger Lounge 388723 wallpaperwallpaper
    Dreaming of a weekend break....
    1. Satisfy your senses. The most effective sanctuary spaces are those that engage all your senses at the same time, transforming your time there from a quick break to a completely holistic relaxation experience. This could involve:
        • Sight: Calming visuals such as wallpaper wall murals, photographs of loved ones, or even splashes of colour throughout – anything that brings you peace and comfort as soon as you see it.
        • Sound: Set up a speaker to play soft instrumental or classical music, and let the evocative sounds sweep you away on a journey of restoration.
        • Touch: The feeling of different textures can be hugely satisfying on a physical level – shaggy rugs and soft blankets or cushions can help create this.
        • Taste: Indulge body and mind with your favourite flavours – refreshing jugs of water infused with fruit and herbs, lush chocolates or even a cold glass of your favourite wine.
        • Smell: Flowers, essential oils, incense or humidifiers are all ways to bring gorgeous scents into your space, helping to calm and restore your mood.

    Eijffinger Terra mural & Waterfront wallpaper 

    Eijffinger Terra 391560 mural / Eijffinger Waterfront 300845 wallpaper
    Who said a sanctuary needs to be light? Moody is also good!
    1. Rest, revitalise, repeat. Once you’ve created your sanctuary, you’ll need to use it. Self-care needs to be a daily goal, so the more you’re able to enjoy the recuperative influence of your home sanctuary, the more you’ll be able to transform yourself from the inside out and find the mental breathing space you need. This isn’t a one-and-done – this is an everyday must-have, and it’s vital for your ongoing peace of mind. Because once your sanctuary is complete, your home will go from a place you have to stay in to a place you want to stay in – and it’s one that your body, mind and soul will cherish.

    Eijffinger Enso & Reflect wallpaper 

    Eijffinger Enso wallpaper selection / Eijffinger Reflect 378003 wallpaper


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