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9 Holistic Design Ideas for a Bedroom Makeover

Posted by Haidee Kramer on
9 Holistic Design Ideas for a Bedroom Makeover


February is the month of love, and at Dreamweaver there’s nothing we love more than a gorgeous bedroom makeover!


However, rather than simply moving furniture around or changing bedding, we prefer approaching bedroom makeovers from a holistic design perspective.

What that means is rather than considering only one or two elements in a room, we look at them all – everything from light, energy, colour and space to furnishings and even fragrances too. That’s because a holistic bedroom makeover is about more than how a room looks – it’s about how it makes you feel. And in order to achieve a transformation that you can truly connect with, it’s crucial to take every aspect of design into account, from floor to ceiling and beyond.

So which elements should you be considering when planning a holistic design makeover for your own bedroom? Let’s take a look.


  1. Energy

Balancing the energy in your room is key to creating a positive atmosphere throughout your space – something that can be achieved with a few simple changes:


  • Promote good circulation throughout your bedroom by opening the windows. Not only will this refresh your space, it’ll allow natural air and wind to enter, creating a good flow of energy.
  • Clear away clutter. The more clutter you have lying around, the more stressed you’ll be. Make space for a more positive mindset by clearing away any non-essential items, and transforming your bedroom into a place that’s neat, organised and relaxed.
  • Open your curtains during the day – this will create a bright space with natural light which will instantly bring positivity and good energy to your room. A brighter home means a more positive mind.
  • Add inspiring decor to your space – sayings that lift your soul, positive affirmations to bring a smile to your face, and art or other decorative pieces that delight you. Turn your room into a place of joy, and the positive energy will begin to flow naturally.
Allow light into your bedroom - Holistic Design blog
Don't banish air & light with heavy curtains


Another way of creating positive energy in your room is through the art of Feng Shui – the ancient philosophy of arranging your living space so that the pieces sit in balance and harmony with the natural world. The more you’re able to achieve good Feng Shui within your bedroom, the more of a sanctuary it’ll become.

In order to avoid bringing negative energy into your space, also stay away from electronics and appliances, make sure there are no sharp corners facing your head, steer clear of big, oppressive pieces of furniture, and try not to fill your space with too many plants. Their strong growth energy can be at odds with the calming ambience you’re trying to create.


  1. Space

Does your space feel cluttered or claustrophobic, or does it give you the breathing room you need? Planning out the space in your room is crucial when it comes to streamlining its functionality. Is your furniture the right size, it is arranged in a way that lets you move freely, and does everything in your room have a home?

If you’re not happy with the arrangement of your furniture, start by placing your bed on the longest wall (opposite the door, for good Feng Shui), and then arranging the rest of your furniture around it. If clutter is an issue, some storage solutions such as freestanding drawers, a chest or under-bed storage could also be helpful. A bedroom doesn’t need to be big to feel spacious – a little clever planning is all it takes.

If you do have the space though, setting up small areas in your room could help improve its functionality. Create a meditation zone with a plant, a yoga mat and a candle. Or use a lamp, a throw and a comfy chair to set up a reading nook. This is your haven – make it one you can’t wait to relax in.

 Uncluttered bedroom - Holistic Design blog

Clean uncluttered space & symmetry make for a calm bedroom retreat 


  1. Colour

There’s nothing like colour to enhance your mood – it has the power to completely transform a room in an instant and take it from dark and oppressive to light and freeing. That’s why if you’re not in harmony with the colour scheme in your room, it could have a negative effect on your state of mind.

In order to choose the colour scheme that’s right for your room, you need to take your personality and your preferences into account. If you’re someone who’s bold and daring, a striking wallpaper or mural on one wall could be ideal. If it’s an opulent look you’re after, deep moody colours could work wonderfully. Or if you’re someone who enjoys the outdoors, a soft green or calming earth tones could bring the outside in.

Remember that your bedroom is meant to be a place of relaxation, so very bright colours could be too stimulating for your space. Whichever colours you choose, however, the most important criteria is that you love them.

Carmen mural for Holistic Design bedroom blog 

Peaches & dusty pinks for a feminine touch


  1. Light

Whether it’s moody, romantic or dramatic, the type of atmosphere you create in your space depends on the type of lighting you choose and the natural light available. From bedside lamps to sconces to chandeliers and dimmers, the range of lighting choices available is a wide one, so it’s important to select the best type of light and fittings for your needs.

Again, this comes down to how you’ll be using your space. Bright lights can be too harsh in a room that’s meant for relaxation, so bulbs that create a softer light, or dimmers that can be turned up or down are a good choice. If you’re someone who loves reading, a bedside lamp that casts enough light to see by is important, and if you’re short on space, cleverly placed sconces on your headboard or wall will achieve the same effect.

Play with light and shade to evoke the right kind of mood in your room, and your soul will light up every time you step inside.

Bedroom lighting for Holistic Design blog
 A combination of natural and 'task' lighting is ideal
  1. Senses

A room that appeals to all your senses is one you’re likely to spend the most time in, so from a holistic design perspective, it’s an important element to consider. Here’s how to satisfy your soul and your senses at the same time:


  • Touch – Create texture with a variety of fabrics and finishes. Choose embellished bedroom wallpaper South Africa for a gorgeously tactile experience, and layer fabrics like velvet, cotton, satin or faux fur across your bed, using cushions and throws for the ultimate sensual experience.
  • Taste – We’re not suggesting eating in bed (crumbs! ants!) but having a glass of water next to your bed, or a jug of water infused with fruits and herbs can help keep you hydrated and satisfied at the same time.
  • See – This is where your chosen colour scheme comes in, as well as any artwork that you connect with. Try hanging any art you love together with a vase of flowers or any decorative pieces on a small table or dresser, rather than simply in a blank space, and create a tablescape of visual interest.
  • Hear – Embrace the power of sound with tinkling wind chimes, a white noise machine which includes sounds of nature or whale calls, or even an unobtrusive speaker for soft, relaxing music.
  • Smell – Evoke old memories and create new ones with your favourite fragrances. Light scented candles or incense, or use aromatherapy oils in burners or room diffusers, and give your space the aroma of pure pleasure.

 6 Senses Holistic Design bedroom blog

This bedroom taps into all the senses & is full of good energy


  1. Wellness

Make your room a nourishing, welcoming space by creating a sense of health and wellness with plants, air, and light. While good Feng Shui means not over-cluttering your space with too many plants, having greenery in your room can help generate oxygen and act as an air filter, purifying your room for even more calm and contentment.

Choose plants that need moderate to good light in order to thrive, as well as enough moisture to grow. These include plants like the Rubber plant, Chinese Evergreen, Spider plant, Peace lily, Phalaenopsis orchid and Spekboom. You’ll give new life to your room, and create a space that promotes good mental health at the same time.

Wellness & plants in the bedroom - Holistic Design blog
Plants add a wonderful energy to a bedroom 


  1. Comfort

Of course as your bedroom is a space for rest and relaxation, you’ll need to consider your comfort level as well. By far your most important element in your room is your bed, and for a good, restful night’s sleep, you’ll need one with a firm mattress and supportive pillows.

Your bedding is equally as important, and can help give your room a completely new look depending on its patterns, textures and colour scheme. Top your bed with some decorative scatter cushions and a textured throw, and you’ll have an instant centrepiece for your room, and a gorgeously comfortable space to sink into.

Add extra comfort to your room with a beautifully soft rug to walk on, a welcoming chair to sit and read in, a chaise longue or a bench for the end of your bed, and well-placed cushions, blankets or throws. Whether you prefer a casual or a luxurious look, comfort is paramount and will help turn your bedroom into a sanctuary. 

 Comfort in the bedroom - Holistic Design blog

A luxury take on comfort 
  1. Personality

Finally, you’ll need to take your own personality into consideration – because, depending on the type of person you are and what you want to use your space for, you can create a variety of different looks. Here are 10 looks to consider for your bedroom makeover:


  • Create a dreamlike atmosphere in your room with gorgeous flowing and billowing drapes on a four-poster bed.
  • Show off your bold side with a daring accent wall in an eye-catching colour. Or take it one step further by painting your ceiling, and making a feature out of your ‘fifth’ wall.
  • Treasure your most precious memories with a statement gallery wall, filled with pictures of family, friends, and good times.
  • Show off your whimsical side by elevating a neutral room with splashes of colour. Add cushions or throws in your favourite tones for a glorious contrast.
  • Put your DIY skills to the test and paint a vintage chest of drawers, add some quirky fabrics to the room, add some thrift shop finds, and create an eclectic carefree space. Minimum effort, maximum effect.
  • Dark panelling with carefully placed lighting can help to create a wonderfully dramatic effect, as can a deep-coloured accent wall. Moody, yet sophisticated.
  • Go big with metallic accents, faux fur throws and pillows, fabulous luxury wallpaper, a chandelier, mirrors and striking artwork.
  • There’s nothing like feature wallpaper for creating a memorable look. Try a large-scale mural with a novelty or landscape theme and fun colours.
  • Turn your space into a sanctuary with off-white or muted tones, clean lines, tactile throws and rugs, and a minimum of clutter.
  • Get back to nature with cane, bamboo or rattan furniture pieces, vases with dried flowers or grasses, and a floral or leaf-patterned wallpaper design.


Four-poster magical bedroom  - Holistic Design Blog

A four-poster bed with billowy drapes can create a magical space 


 Vintage bedroom look - Holistic Design blog

A charming vintage piece can make a great bedside 'table'


 Statement mural in bedroom - Holistic Design blog

Create a moody bedroom with a stunning Eijffinger mural  


Want to begin your holistic design experience? Then Dreamweaver is the best place to start. Not only will we be able to guide your choices with our wide selection of luxury wallpaper, we’ll be able to give you design advice as well. Visit us at our studio today or browse our collections online, and let’s start transforming your space together.

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