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Budget vs Luxury Wallpaper - & Why it Matters

Posted by Haidee Kramer on
Budget vs Luxury Wallpaper - & Why it Matters

7 Reasons why luxury wallpaper wins!

Where do you stand on the ‘budget vs luxury’ debate? Do you think it’s better to buy a cheaper item so that you save money with a bargain, or do you think it’s better to invest in a more luxurious version so that you can be sure of its quality?

If you don’t have the answer, don’t worry – it’s a question that consumers have been asking for years. Do you buy those stunning branded sneakers from the boutique or the off-the-shelf mass-produced sneakers from the chain store? Which ones will last longer? Which ones will make you feel like a superstar?

If thinking about wallpaper brings to mind cheap rolls of paper in hardware or online wallpaper stores, you might be surprised to know that luxury wallpaper is actually a thing – and a highly sought-after one at that.

While it’s always important to bear your budget in mind, there are so many more benefits to choosing luxury wallpaper over low-cost versions – and here’s why:


1. Durability

When it comes to wallpaper, longevity is one of the most important factors to consider. If you’re going to spend money redecorating your feature walls, you want value for your money, and you want your design choices to last.

Here’s where luxury wallpaper will give you the value you’re looking for, as high-quality substrates can last for up to 15 years or more, even in high traffic areas. By contrast, cheaper wallpapers are significantly thinner, making them liable to tear or damage far more easily – so while you may save a little when buying a less expensive product upfront, the costs of re-papering your home could soon spiral. Luxury may come with a higher price tag, but you’ll soon find it’s actually a far more cost-effective choice over time.


2. Selection

That hardware store where you’re used to seeing rolls and rolls of cheap wallpaper? Think back to the selection it offered. Were you given a choice of thousands of different designs, or were you only able to choose between a few unremarkable unbranded products? Store buyers have to go with designs which will appeal to the masses so if you’re looking for something more special and exclusive, that’s not for you.

Here’s where luxury brands shine – in the sheer volume of original options of different themes, murals, colours and patterns. In fact at Dreamweaver Studios, with our focus on premium quality and unique solutions, we’re able to give you exclusive access to more than 100 wallpaper collections from top European designer brands, including Armani Casa, Eijffinger, Jannelli & Volpi, JWall, Marimekko, Missoni, Sirpi, Tres Tintas and more.


3. Exclusivity

We’ve already touched on it, but it’s worth taking a closer look. The more luxurious an item is, the more exclusive it is, and the same is true for wallpaper. Why cover your walls in a design that anyone could have, when you could choose an exclusive design that perfectly represents your taste and style instead?

Just as there’s a difference between wearing designer brands and wearing chain store fashion, there’s a difference between budget and luxury wallpaper as well – and that difference lies in its exclusivity. That’s why at Dreamweaver Studios we offer you a curated selection of the world’s most prestigious designer brands, and it’s why we fly each order in specially for you, from our European suppliers. So you can be sure that your wallpaper is completely exclusive, and that your living space is as unique as you are. 


4. Style

Just as fashion changes from year to year, so do wallpaper trends as well. In 2022, we can expect to see trends veer towards scenic landscape murals, natured-inspired colours and themes, florals and botanicals, loads of textures, and large-scale dramatic graphics, to name a few.

If keeping your home in line with current design trends is important to you, it’s far more achievable with luxury wallpaper than it is with cheaper options. That’s because luxury collections are designed by skilled artists and manufactured by skilled companies who specialise in wallcoverings, as opposed to budget designs taken from stock photography websites that can often result in pixelated printing on cheap substrates with a plastic look and feel. So if it’s style you’re after, luxury wallpaper is where you’ll find it. 


5. Textures & techniques

Run your fingers across a budget wallpaper, and you won’t feel anything other than a flat surface or a rough plasticky one. Do the same with luxury wallpaper, and you’ll have a world of enchanting textures and techniques literally at your fingertips. That’s because luxury wallpapers go way beyond standard prints, venturing out into the opulence of meticulously crafted tactile creations and 3D masterpieces.

From beading and velvet flocking to embossing, embroidery, glitter, holographs, grass cloth, metallics, 3D relief, jewel-covered foils and pearl finishes, the wealth of manufacturing techniques available is extraordinary. But don’t take our word for it – take a walk through the landscape of luxury wallpapers available at Dreamweaver Studios and see for yourself.

See the magic of luxury wallpaper up close. 

Eijffinger Lounge beaded wallpaper close-up

Missoni 'embroidered' embossed vinyl luxury wallpaper

Sirpi Italian Velour - velvety flock luxury wallpaper

Eijffinger Rice holographic foil luxury wallpaper

Eijffinger Topaz metallic vinyl luxury wallpaper

Why choose cheap wallpaper when you can live with luxury? It’s the sensory sumptuousness you and your home deserve.


6. Value

While it’s true that cheap wallpaper can be more budget-friendly, don’t be fooled by the lower prices per roll. Most standard wallpaper is 52cm wide (5.2m² per roll), whilst new larger widths such as 70cm (7m² per roll) and 1m (10m² per roll) now allow for the grand, large-scale patterns found on luxury wallpaper, to be realized. So while luxury wallpaper may seem more expensive, the coverage is often far greater than that of regular wallpaper, meaning fewer rolls are actually needed. Make sure you read the product info before you buy, because the value you’re looking for could be found in far more lavish places than you think.


7. Quality & service

If you’re paying for a luxury item, then you deserve exceptional quality and service to go along with it – and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Dreamweaver Studios. Take a look at our selection of luxury wallpaper and you’ll find the quality of printing second to none – all thanks to the top European manufacturers that we partner with, and the new substrates, printing techniques and finishes they make use of. In the unlikely event of there being any fault with your wallpaper, we’ll take care of it immediately, no questions asked – because your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Over and above this, our years of experience in the wallpaper and décor industry make us uniquely qualified to offer you exactly the kind of guidance you’re looking for when it comes to decorating your residential, commercial, or corporate space. And if you’re not able to visit us at our premises in person, our user-friendly website and wallpaper calculator will give you all the help you need. 


Budget vs luxury might still be up for debate in other industries, but when it comes to wallpaper, the winner is clear. Choosing luxury doesn’t mean overspending – it means transforming your home in a myriad of exclusive, exquisite ways, prioritising quality, and highlighting décor that goes beyond the functional into the realm of the spectacular. 



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