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All your Wallpaper Questions answered

Posted by Haidee Kramer on
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Top 10 questions & answers


When it comes to wallpaper, we know you have questions. How do you hang it, how do you clean it, is it even still on trend anymore? Luckily we have all the answers to these questions, plus a whole lot more – so read on and find out everything you ever wanted to know about wallpaper, and the power it has to transform your living space.


Is wallpaper still in style? 

We know, when you think wallpaper, you most likely think of overwhelmingly cluttered patterns that were last in style in the 1970s – old-fashioned and there to stay for decades on end. While that may have been true in the past, in fact today’s wallpaper designs are chic, sleek, fabulously stylish, and wonderfully easy to remove as well. Think of it as haute couture for your walls – hundreds of designs, patterns and textures that’ll refresh your home without the need to renovate. Minimum effort, maximum effect, and not an outdated print in sight.


Wallpaper Then & Now Dreamweaver Studios Eijffinger


Are feature walls still in style? 

Watch any DIY or home makeover show and you’ll see that feature walls are still very much a thing – a single wall decorated to draw the eye to a particular spot for spectacular dramatic effect. And the easiest way to create a feature wall in your own home? With wallpaper of course! Choose a design for your feature wall, then paint the other walls in your room in the same background colour. You’ll have a cohesive look throughout, and a wall so impactful, it’ll make all your visitors jealous (which is of course, the point).


Feature Wall Tres Tintas Rubrica mural for Dreamweaver Studios  


How can you tell if wallpaper is good quality?

It’s easier than you think actually. Run your fingers across a budget wallpaper, and you won’t feel anything other than a flat surface or a rough plasticky one. By contrast, quality wallpaper will feel heavier and more substantial, and will be available in a variety of different finishes, including embossing, metallic finishes, glitter effects, beading, foil substrates, suede textures and velvety flocking, as well as natural fibres or fabric qualities. It’s exactly this type of quality that we pride ourselves on offering at Dreamweaver, as SA’s exclusive distributor of top European wallpaper brands.

What’s more, quality wallpaper comes with quality service, which means not only will we help guide your wallpaper choices and offer you advice, we’ll also help you with any wallpaper issues you may experience as well. Because to us, that’s what good quality means.

Read our blog post 'Budget vs Luxury Wallpaper & why it matters' for 7 reasons why luxury wallpaper wins.


Wallpaper Top Quality at Dreamweaver Studios


Should I wallpaper or paint my room?

Why even choose? Wallpaper and paint work perfectly together, whether you choose to wallpaper one wall and paint the rest, there’s no need to choose between the two. That’s the fun of interior decorating, and that’s how you add your own unique personality to your living space.  

There are however plenty of advantages to using wallpaper. Aside from the huge variety of designs, colours and textures on offer, it lasts longer than paint, it’s easy to clean, quick to install, and simple to remove too. Not to mention it adds amazing visual appeal to your space too. What’s not to love?


Can I install wallpaper in my bathroom? 

That all depends on whether it is a ‘wet’ bathroom or not. In a ‘wet’ bathroom, one needs to take the steam and atmospherics into consideration, so a vinyl wallcovering is essential as it is non-porous. Alternatively if you are looking to wallpaper a guest bathroom which is rarely used or perhaps a guest toilet - then anything is possible. For more of the nitty gritty details, read our blog post 'Wacky Bathroom Wallpapers' which also covers the do's and dont's of using wallpaper in a bathroom.


Eijffinger Rice bathroom wallpaper blog


How many rolls of wallpaper should I buy?

That’s a great question, and that’s exactly why we’ve included a handy wallpaper calculator on each of our product pages. All you need to do is enter the dimensions (width and height) of the space you’re decorating, and our calculator will let you know how many rolls of wallpaper you’ll need for your project, while taking the pattern repeat into consideration.

Of course if you’re still finding the calculations confusing, that’s what we’re here for! Just send an email to with the dimensions (width and height) of each wall you’ll be covering with wallpaper, and we’ll let you know how many rolls of wallpaper you’ll need. Quick, easy and stress-free!  


Should I order any extra wallpaper?

While our calculator will let you know how many rolls you should buy, it’s always a great idea to purchase one extra roll, just to have on hand. This will help in the event of any mistakes, any water damage, any damage caused by accidents or tradespeople, and so on. It’ll also allow you to colour match your wallpaper repair perfectly, as you may find your chosen design out of stock or discontinued, should you try to order it again a few years down the line. Plan ahead, and you’ll always have a living space that’s perfectly you. 


Can I install wallpaper myself?

Yes, you can if you're 'handy' – just make sure to carefully follow the directions included with the roll. Non-woven wallpapers are much easier to install than traditional types of wallpaper – just click on the Installation & Care link to find out how. Of course, if you’d rather leave the job to a professional, just ask us and we’ll be happy to recommend a wallpaper installer in your area. A professional installer should be able to take care of a simple wallpaper project (such as wallpapering a single room) in an afternoon; more complex jobs may however take a little longer.


Dreamweaver Studios Wallpaper Installation


Should I remove old wallpaper before installing new wallpaper?

Yes, in order to ensure the best installation possible, new wallpaper needs to be installed on a surface that’s smooth, clean, dry, primed, and uniform in colour. The good news is that most wallpaper is easy to remove, particularly those designs printed on non-woven substrates. All you need to do is strip it off the wall, then clean the wall before installing any new wallpaper. Nice and simple DIY.


How do I clean wallpaper?

It’s not as difficult as you might think – especially if the quality is vinyl. In fact many wallpapers such as non-woven qualities need a gentle wipe with a clean, damp cloth, whilst vinyl wallpapers are conveniently fully washable. Some more complex wallpaper qualities, such as flock, suede or novelty finishes need a careful dusting instead, in order to preserve their look and quality. Just make sure to always keep your care instructions on hand, and your wallpaper will continue to look as good as it did on the first day of installation.


Any more questions? Just take a look at our FAQ section, or drop us a line at, and let Dreamweaver Studios help make your dream home a reality.


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