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Picking the perfect wallpaper for your holiday home

Posted by Haidee Kramer on
Holiday home inspiration


It’s holiday time once again, and if you’re lucky enough to have a home away from home to spend it in, chances are you’re sitting looking at the same décor from last year, and the year before. Because with a pandemic and all sorts of other challenges to deal with, redecorating a holiday home hasn’t exactly been at the top of anyone’s to-do list.

This year though, why not use some of your time off to refresh your holiday home and give it some renewed and revitalised energy? It doesn’t have to be a lengthy, exhaustive process either – because a simple wallpaper treatment is by far the quickest and easiest way to transform your home, add some character and create a mood. 

Of course, the type of wallpaper you choose depends on a number of elements, like location, environment, styling, furniture and more – so with that in mind, let’s take a look at the best ways to go about picking the right wallpaper for your home.

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It’s all about the location

By far the most important deciding factor when it comes to choosing your wallpaper design is the location of your holiday home. If you’re near the coast, you’ll probably want a light, airy feel in your space. If you’re in the bush, a more natural look might be better. And if you’re in the country, a rustic interior could match your surroundings perfectly. Let’s take a closer look.


Keeping it coastal

A beach house will always lend itself perfectly to light colours, whitewashed furnishings and natural textures, however there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to coastal design. Perhaps you love the traditional driftwood and shells décor, maybe you’re looking for a more elevated styling, or you could even be longing for a more colourful, dynamic space. Luckily, there’s room for all these preferences and more – and plenty of wallpaper options too.


  1. All natural. If you’re looking for casual and understated, then a natural feel is perfect for your coastal space. Choose wallpaper colours in white, soft grey, linen or sandy tones, patterned with subtle designs for a bit of interest and detail. Neutral furniture will pair perfectly with this gentle colour scheme, as will textures like cotton and linen. Add furniture with slip covers for an easy, relaxed feel to your space, and complete the look with textural scatter cushions or soft prints, and perhaps a driftwood or shell tablescapes. 

Coastal holiday home - All natural wallpaper inspiration


  1. Shades of blue. A blue colour palette is always a popular choice for coastal living, mainly due to its versatility. Keep things crisp with traditional blue and white stripes and nautical décor, or add an element of sophistication with timeless prints, natural flooring, and a stunning wallpaper. Crisp, cool whites can be contrasted with rugs, throws and blankets in shades and textures of blue, with rattan or wicker furnishings creating a luxurious resort feel. 

Coastal holiday home - Shades of blue wallpaper inspiration


  1. A splash of colour. Don’t feel that you need to stick to blues and whites for your coastal space – bright, vivid colours can work equally as well. Family homes are full of energy which means your wallpaper can be too! From bright, bold patterns and designs, to tropical imagery and multi-coloured murals too, there are so many directions your décor can take. Smaller spaces like bathrooms take colour beautifully, and are a wonderful place to let your imagination run wild. Keep your big furniture pieces neutral to make your colourful walls really stand out, and continue your pops of colour with mosaic picture and mirror frames, vibrant cushions and rugs, and oversized indoor plants.

 Coastal holiday home - A splash of colour wallpaper inspiration


A bush getaway

Getting back to nature is always hugely popular for the holidays, particularly given South Africa’s abundant bush locations and teeming wildlife. Just as with coastal spaces, there are plenty of choices for every taste when it comes to homes set in the bush – everything from traditional safari lodge décor to more refined earth tones, and even quirky, eclectic interiors too. So many ways to decorate, so many wallpaper options to choose from.


  1. Mother Earth. With South Africa’s natural beauty so prominently on display in every direction, the simpler your holiday home interior, the better. Rather than competing with the bush, complement it instead with natural earth tones and textures. Choose sustainable materials such as wood, stone, clay, reeds and granite, and create a seamless flow of energy from the outside in. Neutral tones and classic pieces will help turn your home into a sanctuary of calm, while comfortable loungers placed on the deck will allow you to enjoy the magnificence of the view in calm, peaceful serenity. 

Coastal holiday home - Let's play wallpaper inspiration


  1. Let’s play. Being in a bush environment doesn’t mean you need to restrict yourself to natural tones only – there’s plenty of room to play with colour and interest, particularly when it comes to wallpaper. Add a quirky, whimsical feel to your space with bold patterns and deep, rich colours like sienna, sunset, rust, olive and brown. Offset your wallpaper choices with furniture pieces in worn, distressed leather or textured fabric, and pair these with oversized sisal rugs and hand-crafted, artisan ceramics for an authentic African feel. 

Holiday homes - Let's play wallpaper inspiration


  1. Animal kingdom. There’s no escaping it – a holiday home in the bush lends itself perfectly to animal print. So why shy away from it? If you’re someone who enjoys playing with bold prints and patterns, then it’s time to showcase them for the world to see. Dynamic animal or hide-patterned wallpaper prints can create a lively backdrop for any room, with faux fur throws, chunky rugs or wall hangings continuing the trend throughout your décor. Lean into the African theme with leather furniture, wooden carvings, basketwork and thatch, and make every day in your bush home an adventure in style. 

Holiday homes - Animal Kingdom wallpaper inspiration


Country roads

From the stark beauty of the Karoo to the lush, indulgent landscapes of the Cape Winelands and the craggy panoramic vistas of the Drakensberg, South Africa’s countryside is vast and diverse. So no matter where in the country your holiday home lies, each surrounding demands its own décor and styling, in keeping with its own unique environmental feel. Find the best bedroom wallpaper of South Africa.


  1. Get cosy. Looking to relax in your mountain retreat? Then a comfortable shabby chic treatment could be just what you need to leave city life behind. Choose calming, natural tones for your wallpaper in shades of cream, sand or dove grey, and contrast this softness with textured fabrics and fibres like linen and cotton. Snuggle up on oversized couches and sofas, add throws and cushions in warm, rich colours to catch the eye, and create a blend of contemporary and rustic décor that’s all about ease and contentment. 

Holiday Homes - Get Cosy wallpaper inspiration


  1. Back to nature. Traditional country styling can be a little busy with florals and bric-a-brac, but there’s a way of bringing nature indoors without it feeling fussy. Designs inspired by plants and grasses can help lend a fresh air of sophistication to your décor, with a light, modern feel that’s ideal for a country setting. Natural materials like wood and stone can carry this concept throughout your living space, with soft lighting and greenery providing the perfect finishing touch. Mother Nature, at her most graceful. 

Holiday Homes - Back to Nature wallpaper inspiration


  1. Free spirit. Wide open country spaces are the perfect place to let your design vision run free! A Karoo home is the ideal space for colours and eclectic influences, with flamboyant prints and patterns standing out boldly against their arid surroundings. Don’t be afraid to experiment with more playful motifs like animals and florals, with eye-catching textiles like rugs or throws helping to create a casual layered look. A gallery wall of family photos or local artwork in hand-crafted frames can help add character to the space, making it a home away from home that’s completely unique and authentic in every way. 

Holiday Homes - Free Spirit wallpaper inspiration


Plus 10 budget-friendly tips for refreshing your holiday space

Once you’ve installed your gorgeous new wallpaper, you may want to carry on refreshing your décor . The good news is that this doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise – there are plenty of budget-friendly ways to breathe new life into your holiday home. All it takes is a little enthusiasm and a spark of imagination!


  1. Rearrange your space. Don’t rush out to the shops just yet! Just one or two simple rearrangements of furniture or décor could give you the transformation you’re looking for without having to spend a cent.
  2. Add accessories. No need to splurge on big furniture pieces – a few inexpensive scatter cushions, throws or rugs could achieve the fresh new styling you’re looking for, without the added expense.
  3. Set the table. Tired of your holiday table? Create some excitement with fun, casual tableware or dinnerware. Add some fairy lights to your entertainment space and you’ll have an instant party mood every night.
  4. Try upcycling. That old chair, cupboard or lamp? Don’t get rid of them, upcycle them instead! A fresh coat of paint or new upholstery can do wonders for old furniture and décor, and can save you money too.
  5. Go green. No need to spend time searching markets or vintage stores for new décor – try your local nursery instead. Plants can make a hugely impactful design statement, and can add an overall feeling of calm and contentment too.
  6. Say it with flowers. In the same way, flowers can also add freshness and colour to your living space in every season. Try dried flowers if fresh aren’t available, or invest in potted plants for a splash of nature all year round.
  7. Store it. Keeping things tidy in holiday homes is always tricky, as there never seems to be enough room. Add some storage solutions like baskets or boxes and make sure your space always looks neat and organised.
  8. Change focus. Tired of the way a room looks? Change it up by creating a new focal point. Add a large mirror, a designer wall sticker or create a tablescape of collectables, and let your style make a statement.
  9. Turn it around. Change the wallcoverings or wallpaper for kitchenSometimes the biggest changes can be in the smallest details – like doorknobs. Change the doorknobs on your kitchen or bedroom cupboards, or even your main doors as well, and let your personality and charm shine through.
  10. Make it a family affair. Your holiday home is a place for your family to make memories – so celebrate this with your décor. Create a wall of family photos from holidays over the years, and make your space a place of love, warmth and togetherness.


As you can see, making over your holiday home doesn’t have to be difficult or costly – not with so many quick and easy ways to transform your space. The best part is you can start right now, by browsing our online catalogue of the world’s most exclusive wallpapers right here at Dreamweaver Studios. Find the perfect wallpaper design, then build the rest of your décor from there. You know what they say – a change is as good as a holiday!



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