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Why Choose Wallpaper over Paint?

Posted by Haidee Kramer on
Why Choose Wallpaper over Paint?

6 Good reasons to choose wallpaper over paint!


Once you’ve decided to redecorate, there are so many different options to choose from, particularly when it comes to your walls. Whether you want them to stay in the background or stand out, there are so many selections to be made and so many elements to consider.

Luckily when it comes to texture, pattern, colour and tone, there’s one option that brings all these together in one affordable package. No, it’s not paint – it’s wallpaper! If that comes as a surprise to you, read on and find out why wallpaper might just be the best design choice you make for your home.


1. Wallpaper is super durable

Think about paint and children together in the same room. Scuff marks, chips, dirty handprints, it’s part of having a family but it’s a nightmare to clean. And even if you don’t have children, natural wear and tear can still make your walls look a little more lived-in than you’d like.

Now let’s take wallpaper, especially a vinyl quality. Get a mark on it by mistake and you can wipe it away in seconds! All you’ll need is a sponge and some water, and you’ll be able to clean it without taking off any of its finish or leaving any discolouration behind. Different wallpapers have different care instructions, so always be sure to read the quality/care symbols and follow them to the tee.

Thanks to wallpaper’s premium durability, it won’t peel or yellow over time like paint, and it can take life’s little knocks with minimal damage. A vinyl quality is also water-resistant, for extra protection. All of which means that it’ll last for years and it’ll look its best the entire time – in fact it’s even estimated that wallpaper can last up to 3 times longer than paint, and save you up to 30% in costs. So you’ll spend less money on decorating, and you’ll have a home that will always be in style.  

Wallpaper quality/care symbols - Blog Wallpaper vs Paint


2. Incredible variety of wallpaper available

We’re not overselling the versatility of wallpaper here – there are literally thousands of different colours, textures, designs and patterns to choose from. And while paint comes in a number of different shades, it can’t compete with the sheer range of options that wallpaper offers.

No matter what your tastes, preferences or personality, you’ll find the style of wallpaper to suit both you and your home. Whether you want a room scattered with polka dots, glammed up with velvet flocking or metallics, or soft and dreamy with a cloudscape mural, you’ll find all the wall options you need and then some. 

Choose from a vast array of wallpaper patterns and murals, as well as textures like beading, suede, glitter, embossing, and natural fibres like grasscloth or cork, creating a space that’s completely individual and wholly your own. Will you be able to do the same with paint? Yes, but the time, effort and artistic skill involved are considerable – save yourself the hassle and let wallpaper do all the hard work for you instead.


Huge Wallpaper Choice - Blog Wallpaper vs Paint


3. It’s visually appealing

Aside from its many patterns and textures, wallpaper just looks good too. Decorate all four walls or choose to create a statement wall instead – however you use your wallpaper in your space, it’ll stand out.

For an even bigger visual impact, choose a mural rather than a regular wallpaper design. The sheer scale of the artwork alone creates a lasting impression, not to mention the huge variety of designs to choose from. Cover your space in oversized florals, enter the jungle with wild animals and abundant greenery, create interest with an abstract pattern, or choose something fun for your kids rooms. It’s a feature you won’t be able to recreate with paint, at least not without the help of a professional, and it’ll last for years to come.


Wallpaper visual impact - Blog Wallpaper vs Paint


4. Wallpaper is easy to install and update

Think wallpaper is difficult to install? Think again! Thanks to innovative paste-the-wall technology, you or a professional installer will be able to hang your wallpaper in no time. Simply apply paste to the wall then apply your wallpaper directly to it – this way you’ll be hanging your wallpaper dry, so there’s no need to soak it in water and run the risk of creases and shrinkage. You can literally change your room in an afternoon, it’s so quick to install.

What’s more, whenever you want to replace your wallpaper, all you’ll need to do is pull a corner, and if it’s been installed properly, you’ll be able to strip it off the wall with ease. It’s easy to install, easy to update, and the ideal solution for no fuss decorating. 

Remember those painful paint jobs - hours of taping edges, drop-sheets covered in paint splodges or fine splatter, roller fibres in the paintwork, 2 to 3 arduous coats for perfect coverage, overpowering fumes, the big clean-up afterwards, that's not even considering the domestic tiffs which were epic. 

 Easy Wallpaper Installation - Wallpaper vs Paint Blog


 Wallpaper or paint?


Wallpaper vs Paint Blog - Paint nightmares


5. It’s unique

We’ve already mentioned just how versatile wallpaper is, with its huge range of patterns, designs and textures. The fact that it’s customisable too also adds to its individuality, helping you to create a space that’s completely your own.

It’s already awkward when you show up to an event wearing the same outfit as somebody else – now imagine how you’d feel walking into someone else’s home and realising their space looks exactly the same as yours?

That’s where wallpaper can help – with the endless array of designs and customisable murals, it’s one of the best ways to ensure that your home is representative of you and your own personal tastes. While many people often choose a neutral paint colour for their walls, leading to most design schemes looking the same, the vast selection of choices that wallpaper offers will help ensure that your home is entirely unique.

Play with light, texture and colour, experiment with opening up small spaces and creating intimacy in larger ones, or use a mix of paint and wallpaper and bring the best of both together. Whatever you choose, make sure you express your own creativity, and let your personality shine.


Uniqueness of Wallpaper Selection - Wallpaper vs Paint Blog


6. It’s affordable

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, wallpaper is budget-friendly and like paint is available in a range of price points. Decorating a home can often be a costly exercise, but thanks to wallpaper’s durability, it’s by far one of the most affordable choices in the long run.

While paint may be cheaper by direct comparison, it doesn’t last as long, meaning that you’ll have to spend more on its upkeep and maintenance over time. Wallpapers made of vinyl are also easy to clean, and won’t need constant touching up, so they’ll stay looking great for years to come. It’s an investment up front, but it’s one that’ll pay off by saving you time, money and effort.   


Affordable wall - Wallpaper vs Paint Blog


Want to find out just how wallpaper can help transform your home? Then try our free 20-minute online consultation, and let us help you find the perfect wallpaper selection and answer any questions you may have as well. Together we can help redecorate your home, all with a little wallpaper magic.

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