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Transforming your Home with Wall Murals

Posted by Haidee Kramer on
Transforming your Home with Wall Murals

9 Mural ideas to inspire your creativity! 


Murals and wall art have always been a form of human expression, from early cave paintings to modern graffiti. They’re a way of leaving a mark, of making an impact, and of transforming a space with colour, boldness and personality. And if that’s the same energy you want to bring to your décor, we’ve got just the inspiration you’re looking for.

Wallpaper vs wall murals

Before you rush out and buy the first mural you see, it’s important to understand the purpose of wall art. Why a mural and not wallpaper instead? While wallpaper has many advantages and choices of prints, textures and patterns, it’s usually used to cover all four walls in a space, and it’s printed to a smaller standard size so that patterns can be matched easily during installation.

Wall murals break all these rules, and in the most striking way. If you’re looking to create a feature wall, they’re by far the most eye-catching choice – one continuous image or pattern stretching across an entire wall, immediately commanding all the attention within a space. One seamless piece of wall art, one unforgettable impact.


Wallpaper vs Murals Blog - Eijffinger Oasis Collection


Size and scale

The power of wall murals lies in their size and scale – their ability to completely take over a space and make it remarkable. While they’re able to make a room seem larger, they’re also able to add more depth as well, and can even create a trompe l’oeil effect that can be endlessly fascinating. If big and beautiful are your design aesthetics, then wall murals are the solution you’ve been looking for!


Size & Scale of Wall Murals Blog - Eijffinger Botanical Murals


The beauty of customisation

One of the biggest advantages of wall murals is how customisable they are, both in terms of size and pattern. There’s no need to buy X amount of rolls of wallpaper and install them one-by-one – instead you’ll be able to customise your mural to the exact size of your wall, with no wastage.

What’s more, you’ll be able to personalise your own mural as well. If there’s an image you love that you want featured, or a specific logo, design feature or pattern, wall murals give you the freedom to let your creativity shine! 

Turning stories into art

Wall murals are more than simply decoration – they’re a way of bringing your own personality and interests into a space, and telling the story of you. Whether that’s a story you want to tell through patterns, photographs or abstract images is entirely your choice, but it’s one that you can tell again and again, and change as often as you like. Whereas wallpaper acts as a backdrop, wall murals put design front and centre, making a statement in the most creative way possible.

What kind of story would you like to tell with your wall mural? Let’s take a look at 9 ideas which you could draw inspiration from!


  1. Murals for drama

If it’s drama you’re after, there’s no easier way to create it than with a mural. Whether you prefer a quirky artwork or an artists impression of a forest, fantasy scene, mountains, beaches or jungles, landscapes draw you into their world, and are ideal for living rooms and communal spaces. In your bedroom, create a more romantic mood with a calming landscape, more mono-chromatic colours. or even a dreamlike cloudscape, and escape into your imagination again and again.


Eijffinger Oasis Jungle mural - Wall Mural Blog
Eijffinger Oasis landscape mural 
  1. Murals for peace

Create a space of peace and quiet in your home with a wall mural designed for stillness and harmony. Soft greens, blues and neutrals are ideal for promoting relaxation, as are patterns that aren’t overly busy and overwhelming. Choose from images like clouds, ferns, bamboo, leaves or zen gardens, or abstracts with soft painterly effects. Whatever brings the most peace to your mind, bring it into your home as well.


 Eijffinger Masterpiece Cloud mural - Wall Mural Blog

 Eijffinger Masterpiece cloud mural
  1. Murals as art

Why spend a fortune on actual art when you can create the same impact for so much less with a wall mural? From abstract pieces to classical paintings and even street art too, the possibilities are limitless. Plus you’ll be able to change your murals as often as you like, transforming your home into a gallery of wonder. 


 Eijffinger Bold abstract art mural - Wall Mural Blog

 Eijffinger Bold artwork mural 
  1. Murals for novelty

From the quirky to the outright bizarre, nothing adds more personality to a home than a novelty mural. Select unique and colourful patterns and create a bold living space that’s all your own. Try typography and slogans, colourful graffiti or pop art, or add some humour with fun animal prints, dinosaurs, maps, ships and more. The best part is that it’s easy to install and remove, so you can change your wallpaper as often as you change your mind. You’re an original – and now your space can be too. 


Tres Tintas Rubrica Ostrich Jungle Mural - Mural Blog

 Tres Tintas Rubrica Ostrich botanical mural 
  1. Murals from photography

Want to escape from the everyday? Then make your mural your getaway, whether it's a city scene, a forest, tropical jungle, moody mountains, beach or snow. Use the impact of photography to transport you away, and travel to your favourite landscapes right from your home. It's realism, but the best kind.


 Eijffinger Wallpower Favourites Misty Forest Mural - Mural Blog

 Eijffinger Wallpaper Favourites misty forest mural 
  1. Murals for nurseries

Make your baby’s nursery that much more special with a mural as a fun, playful backdrop. Add interest with cute animal friends, bring joy with rainbows or stars, or create endless entertainment with clouds, cars, unicorns, fairies and more. It’s baby’s first bedroom décor – make it wonderful.


 Eijffinger Wallpower Junior Bunny Party Nursery Mural - Mural Blog

 Eijffinger Wallpower Junior Bunny mural 
  1. Murals for kids

Kids’ rooms are great fun to decorate with murals, as you’ll be able to start bringing their particular likes through into their bedroom décor. If there are any subjects or hobbies they’re interested in, use these to help you select a design or pattern, and ask for your children’s input too. Choose from ideas like world maps, dinosaurs, jungles, animals, sports, outer space, animals, fantasy and more – anything that turns their room into a safe space where they're free to be themselves.


Eijffinger Mini Me Animal Stack Mural - Mural Blog

  Eijffinger Mini Me Animal Stack mural
  1. Murals for teens

Like it or not, teens spend hours in their rooms away from the rest of the world, so the more you can do to make their space a welcoming one, the better. The last thing a teen wants is to be treated like a child, so designs that are less juvenile and more sophisticated are always best. Again, take their tastes and interests into consideration, and ask for their help too (when they’re actually open to giving it). From music and art to surfing, geometric patterns, the cosmos, landscapes and underwater too, there are so many choices for teens, so no matter what they’re interested in, you’re sure to find one that suits. 


 Eijffinger Wallpower Junior Teenage Mural - Mural Blog

 Eijffinger Wallpower Junior mural 
  1. Murals for home offices

With so many of us working from home these days, decorating a home office has become a necessity. But who says that office space has to be sterile and dull? Adding a wall mural can turn work into play, and even help you become more productive too. If you get distracted easily, choose an abstract pattern that’ll help you focus, or if you need stimulation, choose a pattern with detail that’ll keep you constantly interested and engaged. Cityscapes, urban landscapes and maps are always a good choice, as are geomtric patterns or abstract painterly patterns, or even motivational sayings too. You might be working from home, but you don’t have to be in a boring environment.


Eijffinger Stripes+ Abstract Painterly Watercolour Mural - Mural Blog

 Eijffinger Stripes+ Watercolour artwork mural 


Feeling inspired? Then why not contact us to find  a mural for you from our collection or create a custom mural for you? No matter what your interests or the space you’re decorating, we’ll help you transform your home with a mural that’s bold, impactful, and 100% you. Try our free 20 minute online consultation and get some expert advice or visit our showroom in Kramerville Johannesburg


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