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How to pick the Best Wallpaper for your Home Office

Posted by Haidee Kramer on
How to pick the Best Wallpaper for your Home Office


9 Inspirational ideas

Ever since the pandemic forced us all indoors over lockdown, working from home has become a way of life for many of us. And whether you have a dedicated or a multi-use space for working, creating a place that’s designed for productivity is key.

While items like a desk, chair, storage and lighting are all important, what’s most crucial is that your office is a place you enjoy being in. What this means is that you’ll need to find a way to balance practicality with style – fitting all the items in your space that you need to do your job, while creating a place that continually stimulates and motivates you to perform at your best. 

 Choosing furniture items and accessories is a good place to start, but by far the easiest way to express your personality in your office space is with wallpaper. Whether you need a busy pattern to keep you stimulated or a neutral colour to keep you focused, selecting the right kind of wallpaper can help you transform your home office from a place you have to be in to a place you want to be. So what kinds of wallpaper are best for your work space? Let’s take a look at some ideas.


  1. Go modern

If that’s your personal style and the rest of your home has a modern look, keep true to your style with a modern geometric design and keep the atmosphere of the space consistent with the rest of your home. Also consider abstract patterns  and go for a multicolour pattern or a pared back tone-on-tone design, and see what would align best with your style. If you think that wallpapering the entire space might be overkill, choose to wallpaper one wall as a statement piece, and use the other walls to hang pin boards or art, or act as a backdrop for tall indoor plants bringing some of the outdoors in.

 Home office blog - Modern wallpaper ideas


  1. Go traditional

Traditional wallpaper designs can often be quite busy, with classic florals, ornate damasks or Baroque themes and motifs. If you’re someone who needs constant stimulation in order to perform at your best, these could be ideal for keeping your mind agile and present. If your style is OTT, then this look teamed up with traditional furniture pieces will give you that classic study look. If not you can give the room a twist and offset the detail of your traditional-style wallpaper with clean-lined furniture and accessories, and keep your space free from clutter with ample storage solutions.

 Home office blog - Traditional classic wallpaper ideas


  1. Go natural

Bringing the outdoors in can give your home office a comforting, peaceful feel, and help to alleviate work stress too. Choose wallpaper designs with a botanical theme, such as leaves, forests, jungles or florals, or even just the soothing tranquillity of different shades of green. Carry the look through to the rest of your office with a collection of indoor plants, make sure you have plenty of fresh air to keep you alert, and transform your office into a sanctuary of calm.

 Home office blog - Nature-inspired wallpaper ideas


  1. Go novelty

Just because it’s a home office doesn’t mean it has to be dull. If you’re someone who wants to inject their workspace with some personality, a novelty wallpaper design is exactly the way to go. If it’s a quirky pattern you’re after, find one with animals, birds or even sea life. Or instead of animals, look to hot air balloons, maps, constellations or even colourful abstract art. The beauty of wallpaper is that it doesn’t have to be permanent – as soon as you find yourself becoming bored with one pattern, you can change it up with another.

 Home office blog - Novelty maps wallpaper ideas


5. Go big on scale

Here’s an idea that works just as well in dedicated spaces as it does in multi-use ones – a mural. Creating a productive work environment is all about making a clear differentiation between office and home, and a mural can help you achieve that no matter how big or small your space. Whether your office has one, two or four walls that need papering, you can separate it from the rest of your home with a bold mural. Choose a birds, fish, florals, jungles or more, or go for a graphic or abstract design instead, and give your office the clear identity it needs.

 Home office blog - Large scale mural ideas


  1. Go bold with patterns

If you’re constantly on the lookout for inspiration and motivation, a bold pattern can give you the stimulation and energy you need. Large, oversized designs can help you achieve this, as can whimsical shapes and motifs. Remember that if you go bold with your wallpaper design, keep your furniture and accessories simple as a contrast – too much clutter in a space could lead to you being over-stimulated and under-productive. 

 Home office blog - Bold wallpaper ideas


  1. Go subtle with patterns

A calming space can help clear the mind and keep you focused. If you’re a more zen person who needs a relaxed space, go easy on the bold wallpaper designs and choose something simple instead. Mini patterns or textures in neutral colours can give your office an airy feel, while more subtle linework designs can add personality without making you lose concentration. Accessorise with your favourite colours and give your home office a feel that’s casual but still professional.

Home office blog - Subtle wallpaper ideas 


  1. Go bold with colour

Colour is always integral when it comes to transforming the size of a space – the darker the colour, the smaller the room will appear; the lighter the colour, the bigger the room will appear. If you have a larger space that you want to give a cosier feel too, choose a dark colour to create a sense of intimacy – just remember that if your space doesn’t have much natural light, it could feel claustrophobic after a while. Bold doesn’t always have to mean dark though – if you like vibrant shades, create some energy in your space with an accent wall and add some colourful wallpaper to your space.

 Home office blog - Bold colour wallpaper ideas


  1. Go subtle with colour

Give your home office some breathing space with light, airy colours, and open it up with subtle hues and shades. If you want to create a classy monotone look, choose one colour such as blue and go light on the walls, with accessories and furnishings in various other shades of the same colour palette in combination with neutrals. Alternatively you can choose a natural colour for your walls and add dusty pastels or other neutrals tones, and create a calming feel throughout.

 Home office blog - Subtle pastel colour wallpaper ideas



Whichever kind of wallpaper design you choose, think about how it can help you to work and perform at your best, and transform your office into a place you want to visit each day. And if you need help selecting the right kind of wallpaper, simply browse our selection online, or visit us for a one-on-one consultation. Working from home doesn’t have to be a chore – not with so many gorgeous designs to choose from!


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