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Refresh your Home with a Spring Wallpaper Makeover

Posted by Haidee Kramer on
Refresh your Home with a Spring Wallpaper Makeover


Cold and bleak winter days are on their way out – sunny spring days are just around the corner! With spring traditionally a time of rejuvenation and renewal, it’s natural to want to bring that same energy into your home. You may already be planning your annual spring clean, but what about giving your home a spring makeover at the same time?

Wallpaper may be the obvious choice for a room makeover, but take a look at our other top tips and give your living space a fresh new feel for the season ahead.   


  1. Add some colour

Winter is all about warm cosy tones and dramatic dark shades while spring is all about lightness and colour. Continue that theme around your home by bringing in fresh springy colours or even bright pops of colour, in your accessories. A colourful scatter cushion here, a bright rug or throw there, a fresh new wallpaper, and you’ll give your space the spring transformation it needs. 

  1. Bring the outside in

Bring spring into your home literally with actual foliage and florals. Try a grassy display as a centrepiece, fill a vase with floral branches, or simply add gorgeous flowers around your home for a wonderful colour and scent. If you’re feeling energetic, create a display of potted plants, or even make a leafy wreath or two for your doors. All the colour and all the joys of spring. 

  1. Make the switch

There’s no need to spend a lot of time and money on a spring makeover – just make simple switches for a quick and easy décor change. Swap out heavy indoor scents for light, airy florals, switch out warm cosy scatter cushions and throws for light and cheerful options, and trade dark colours in general for brighter ones. Simple and effective! 

  1. Spring clean

We don’t mean actual cleaning (although we’re sure you have that on your to-do list already). Instead we mean declutter – an activity that gets rid of physical clutter, and mental clutter at the same time. Invest in colourful standalone storage like trunks, boxes or baskets, and make room for breathing space in your home and in your soul. 

  1. Transform you walls

If you really want to make a change in your home, try a fresh coat of paint for an all-new feel. Nothing gives a room a new lease on life like a wall treatment, so if you’ve got the skills and the time to spare, it could be worth considering.

Of course, if you’d like the same feeling of freshness for your walls, plus a little bit of magic, you may want to try wallpaper instead. With so many colours, patterns and designs to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits your personality, and the feel of your home as well. And with spring round the corner, there are a multitude of popular trends to choose from.


Here are 6 wallpaper trends that will help you get a spring look:

Quirky florals

“Florals? For spring? Ground-breaking.” Miranda Priestly may not think much of springtime florals in The Devil Wears Prada, but flowers and botanicals can still have a dramatic impact, particularly when it comes to wallpaper designs. If you’re not a fan of traditional florals, why not try a quirkier design instead? Florals or succulents with birds, butterflies, bees and even beetles can help bring nature into your home in a new and inspired way. Find a non-traditional design you love, and your living space will be anything but dull.

 Spring blog - Quirky floral wallpaper


Granny print florals

When you think granny print, your mind most likely turns instantly to those ‘busy’ designs – patterns filled with sprigs and posies that today can often look old-fashioned and outdated. Surprise surprise, they’re coming back into fashion though, in a wonderfully stylish way. They’re even featuring on the catwalk. These are no ordinary prints – this is granny chic and it’s characterised by beautifully dainty florals in muted tones for a soft, springtime feel. No overwhelming designs here, only delicate patterns that add a sense of elegance to your home.

 Spring blog - Granny print floral wallpaper


Retro florals

Florals from the 60s and 70s are making a comeback, and they could be just what you need to make a statement in your living space. Think oversized or irregular hand-drawn florals in muted shades of pink, orange and taupe, or even groovy florals in a riot of sizes and colours in the style of Austin Powers. It’s whimsical, it’s charming, and it’s reminiscent of days gone by. And if you’re not quite brave enough to decorate an entire room, go for a feature wall instead and create instant, colourful impact.

 Spring blog - Retro floral wallpaper


Tropical themes

If florals just aren’t your thing, you can still give your home a spring makeover with luscious leafy designs. While there are plenty of jungle or rainforest designs to choose from, there are also abstract, stylised designs as well for a more conceptual, rather than literal feel. So whether you prefer actual palm trees and leaves, or simply the suggestion of them, you’ll be able to refresh your home, tropical-style.

 Spring blog - Tropical leaf wallpaper


Animals & birds

It might be more common to see animals in children’s bedrooms, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them too. Rather than the cartoon-style animals that children prefer, more sophisticated options include quirky wildlife like monkeys, lemurs and ostriches, exotic animals roaming in nature and multitudes of birds too, creating visual interest and eye-catching impact. So if you’re an animal lover, you’ll have plenty of makeover options for spring.

 Spring blog - Animal & bird wallpaper


Exotic landscape murals

Finally, if you’re looking for wallpaper that excites, delights and captures your imagination, there’s nothing more transformative than a landscape mural. You might be living in the city, but a mural could instantly transport you to the forest, the country, or an exotic location, all without you ever having to leave your home. Just find the design that resonates with you most, and you’ll be able to refresh your home in the most impactful way possible.

 Spring blog - Exotic landscape murals


Feeling inspired yet? Then why not browse our wallpaper range online or even visit us in-store for one-on-one guidance. Your springtime transformation could soon be underway!


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