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Transforming your Nursery with Wallpaper

Posted by Haidee Kramer on
Transforming your Nursery with Wallpaper


Whether you’re decorating baby’s nursery ahead of the big day, or redecorating for a different look and feel, wallpaper is a quick and easy way to add a dramatic effect. Go big and bold, or go soft and light, it’s your choice – either way, wallpaper is simple to remove, giving you the option of transforming the space again and again as your little one grows up. Of course, there are a few elements you may want to consider first, so let’s take a look at how you can use wallpaper to create a warm, welcoming nursery space.


First things first…


A few points you’ll want to bear in mind:


  • Wallcoverings comes in three different options: wallpaper, murals and stickers so take your pick from the enormous selection on offer.
  • They come in 2 basic categories too: non-wovens (which look a lot like conventional paper) and they can be cleaned with a damp sponge. Then you get tougher vinyls which are non-absorbent and fully washable.
  • Cheaper wallpapers can be very thin and lack surface interest and special finishes whilst medium to top-end wallpapers are manufactured to higher standards and include lots of interesting print techniques, textures and finishes. Think glow-in-the-dark prints and chalk-board wallpaper to name a few. Read all about why budget vs luxury wallpaper matters.
  • If you are eco-conscious, then choose a wallpaper that’s PVC-free and uses non-hazardous inks – very important in a room for a curious little one.
  • Similarly, while textured wallpapers in natural fibres such as grasscloth look wonderful, they can be challenging to maintain in children’s rooms so think at practicality.


Above all, remember that decorating a nursery is about adding personality and character to a space – and while you won’t know your baby’s preferences yet, you can still choose wallpaper that’s stimulating and that sparks the imagination. Take a look at our nursery ideas for inspiration and find out just how powerful the wallpaper effect can be.


Girly girl

Little girls’ rooms don’t need to be pink anymore, but they can still be feminine. Soft, light colours like peach, sage green or neutrals can create a calming atmosphere, with pops of accent colour to add visual interest. You can also choose a theme for the room, such as fairies, polka dots, boho chic or more, and use that to guide your wallpaper choices too. Remember that you don’t want your décor to fight with your wallpaper though, so choose neutral furniture to contrast with bold wallpaper, or experiment with brightly coloured furniture against a softer background. 


Nursery wallpaper blog - Girly girl theme



Big boy

Patterned wallpaper can be great fun in boys’ rooms too, and themes can be equally important. Animal wallpaper is always a popular choice, as is tropical or jungle, or even hot air balloons. Or if you’d prefer something more abstract, try geometric shapes instead, and then use the same theme of blocks and shapes to guide your décor choices too. Don’t feel that you automatically have to go for blue either – boys can be just as happy with yellows, aquas, oranges or any other colours. 

 Nursery wallpaper blog - Big boy theme



Gender neutral

If you’re waiting to find out the gender of your baby, or you want to move beyond the traditional girl and boy nursery choices, gender neutral rooms are becoming increasingly popular. You can still choose patterns or themes, just stay away from stereotypical pinks and blues. Creams, greys and other soft neutrals are common choices, as are patterns like stripes, geometrics or plaids. In a neutral room, texture and layering is very important, so choose your fabrics and accessories with this in mind. Go for furniture that either matches your colour palette and creates a calm sanctuary feel, or go for contrast for a bold look, and make sure the room is full of visual interest.

 Nursery wallpaper blog - Gender neutral theme



Dramatic murals

Who says you can’t create drama in a nursery? If you want to move away from the tranquil nursery vibe, turn your space into a work of art with a large-scale wallpaper mural instead. Forests or tropical jungles can help create a sense of adventure, while fun animal images can bring the magic. Boldly coloured oversized florals are instantly arresting – but if that’s a little too much drama, light and delicate florals can add a wonderful freshness. Just be sure to go easy on the rest of the design and colours in the room – the mural is the star here, and it needs to be in the spotlight!

 Nursery wallpaper blog - Dramatic murals



Whimsy and novelty

Little minds need to be stimulated, and what better way to let your baby’s imagination take flight than with novelty wallpaper? Choose from a huge range of themes like birds, butterflies, animals, unicorns, dinosaurs, safari or space, and change it up as your baby grows. You can even choose a large novelty mural, and keep your baby happy, entertained and engaged.

 Nursery wallpaper blog - Whimsy & novelty theme



Soft and timeless

If you want to give your nursery a more gentle touch, focus on your colour palette rather than dramatic patterns. Soft and timeless choices like stripes, polka dots, clouds, watercolours and pale florals can help create a dreamlike effect, as can pastel colours, soft greys and neutrals. Don’t forget that white always looks great in combination with soft colours and just adds a crisp and fresh feeling to a space. Layer the room with beautiful fabrics, textures and soft lighting to enhance the ambiance.

 Nursery wallpaper blog - Soft & timeless theme



Bold and striking

If you prefer a nursery that’s instantly eye-catching, darker colours are amazing for creating dramatic effect. Try a dark wallpaper with glowing moons or twinkling stars to create a gorgeous atmosphere at night. Or go the educational route instead and turn baby’s nursery wall into a map of the world. Similarly, animals and dinosaurs can have the same impact, giving baby their first room, and their first lesson at the same time.

 Nursery wallpaper blog - Novelty theme



A room to grow into 

Part of the appeal of wallpaper is how easy it is to install and remove – meaning that as your baby grows, you can change their room up to suit their growing personality and preferences. At the same time, if you’d prefer to keep your wallpaper choices up on a long-term basis, choose a design that your baby can grow into, rather than one that’s designed specifically for little ones. Nature-inspired designs can be a good choice here, such as trees or botanicals, while a neutral background can also be easier to work with when you want to add more mature elements to the room.

 Nursery wallpaper blog - A room to grow into


Remember, whether you know which wallpaper design you want to go for, or you need a little help, at Dreamweaver Studios we’re always on hand to guide you. Simply pay us a visit, view our consultancy packages or shop our luxury selection online, and let’s start decorating baby’s first room together.

All wallpapers and murals featured, are from the top European brands Eijffinger, Pip Studio, Rice and Tres Tintas.

Looking for more inspiration for your kids rooms, read our blog 'Top tips for kids' room'.

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